Anti-Aging Skincare Products: Do They Really Work?

With so many anti-aging skin care products on the shelves, it can be hard to determine which ones to trust and which aren’t worth a second glance. Natural skincare products have gained loyal followings, and these are the ones that actually work. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs to be nourished with natural goodness, just like the rest of our body.

Our skin reveals our age, but with a healthy diet, regular exercise and the help of natural anti-aging skin care products, our skin can make us look younger than we actually are. Instead of adding harsh chemicals to tired skin, use natural ingredients to really nourish and rejuvenate it. Anti-aging skincare products work if they are natural and if you use them routinely.

The top three things to remember for maturing skin is hydration, collagen, and oils. By thoroughly moisturizing, strengthening elastin structures and healing the skin with essential oils, you can rewind the clock and look and feel your best. Read on to discover the benefits of hydration, collagen, and oils.


With age, skin cells begin to weaken and the body produces less hyaluronic acid. This means that the skin slowly loses its ability to retain as much moisture as it used to. Wrinkles and fine lines are deepened with the loss of moisture, and skin can be left feeling thin and unnaturally tight. Hydrating the skin with a gentle toner, a powerful serum and replenishing day and night creams can help your skin retain more moisture and lessen the effects of aging.

A new natural skincare brand in the market is New Zealand Secret. Their anti-aging toner is a lotion and toner in one, with the ability to retain moisture on the skin’s surface. When used with the New Zealand Secret serum and creams, it has the ability to hydrate every layer of the skin, giving your face a dewy appearance.

Another way to hydrate is, of course, to drink more water! Keep a bottle of water on your desk, in your car, and in your bag so you never feel dehydrated for long. Drinking plenty of water helps the body eliminate toxins, so your skin regains a radiant glow and appears more youthful.


When we age, our body’s collagen production begins to slow down. Collagen is an important protein that gives our skin strength and elasticity, which is what makes skin firm and plump. Fortunately, it’s possible to reverse the decline of collagen production by using skincare products that contain this amino acid. You can also take collagen supplements in pill form, for full body benefits.


Essential oils are, well, essential to the skin. Our body naturally produces healthy oils that keep skin not only looking great but feeling amazing too. Essential oils have the ability to repair and protect the skin, which is why they are often found in natural skin care products. The New Zealand Secret eye cream is one product that contains rich oils, and they recently sold out of this eye cream in Singapore, during their first shipment of their natural anti-aging skin care products.

Anti-aging skincare products do work, as long as they are made with natural ingredients. Looking good shouldn’t involve compromising your health, so read the labels, do some research and only use products that are good for both you and this planet.

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