10 Most Iconic Hairstyles of the Past

Cher, Jennifer Aniston, Priscilla Presley and other women have become trend setters of their generation.

The best way to guess when the old photo was taken is to have a closer look at the hair of the people depicted in it. Let’s look at the star hairstyles that defined the trend of their era.

Louise Brooks influenced the fashion of the 1920-s, when she introduced graphic bob.


Vivien Leigh and her heroine Scarlett O’Hara determined the fashion of the 1930-s and early 1940-s.


We are also obliged to Rita Hayworth for the “haircut in the spirit of Old Hollywood”.


In the 1950-s, a few hairstyles were fashionable. But they were united by a common element – a fringe in the style of Audrey Hepburn.


Int he 70s the whole world was crazy about Cher’s lank long black hair.


This list is not complete without Twiggy, who introduced short haircuts in the fashion of the early 1960-s.


The period of the late 1960-s and early 1970-s was marked by Priscilla Presley’s extremely trendy bouffant hairstyle.


Farrah Fawcett’s voluminous curls also inspired the women in the late 1970-s.


Small curls have once again defined the era of the 1980-s. Long before Sarah Jessica Parker played her role in the “Sex and the City”, she had demonstrated such a hairstyle in public.


Rachel’s hairstyle consistently beat all the popularity records in the 1990-s.


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