6 Hairstyle Tips for Thin Hair

Have you got thin hair? This does not mean that you will have dull and lifeless locks for the rest of your life. First, there are many styling and haircare products which thicken the hair (masks, serums, conditioners with vitamins and proteins). Secondly, there are hairstyles that visually transform thin hair into lush.

A suitable haircut transforms your hair equally well as the lipstick that makes your lips plump and tempting or the eyeliner that makes the eyes seem larger and more expressive. Select one of the best hairstyles for thin hair:

1 .Shoulder length

Great hair length straightens and burdens it. Very long hair rarely looks bulky and lush. On the contrary, shoulder length adds volume. When touching the shoulders, your hair naturally looks springy and lifted.


How to do it: In order to get more hair volume on the shoulders, avoid using too much styling product at the ends. Another tip is to rinse the conditioner well; otherwise there will be no volume.

2. Layered bob

As you already know, shorter locks are always good for fine hair. The solution would be a timeless classic – a bob hairstyle. Ask the hairdresser to leave longer strands at the front, and shorter ones at the back. Thus, the volume will be created in the rear part, and the hair will generally look thicker.


How to do it: Apply volume mousse onto clean damp hair and start drying your hair from the back of the head, using a strong stream of air and lifting the hair on the top. The front strands can be dried with a round brush in the opposite direction, downwards.


3. Thick bangs

No matter what length and style you choose, try to have a bang. The hair with a bang looks thicker, especially if it is trimmed in a straight line. Bangs with graded strands have the opposite effect – they do not look so thick.


How to do it: your bang will get more volume only if the hair is clean. When cutting the hair, do not feel sorry for it: you need a thick bang, which can be obtained from a large segment of hair. And if your own hair is not enough, try a false bang – this technique is often used by the stylists at fashion weeks, false bangs look very impressive and, more importantly, natural when the shade is properly selected.


4 A short haircut with highlights

Short hair keeps volume and elasticity much better than longer locks. Therefore, an ultra-bold short haircut is a good choice. Visually, the hair will look much thicker. And this is a good solution, if the hair is temporarily in need of treatment. Have your hair cut, undergo a course of reinforcing masks and massage, and the regrown locks will already be completely healthy.


How to do it: texturizing spray creates an interesting hair texture, and the hairstyle can be corrected with the help of lipstick or hair wax. This is one of the easiest hairstyles! And still it looks spectacular.

5. Hair on one side

Another trick you can use to create the illusion of thick hair is styling hair to one side. You can choose the option with a side parting or without it. The main thing is to create a palpable asymmetry. The effect of volume and splendor is sure to come.


How to do it: Do not use hair conditioner at the roots; dry your hair with the head bowed down. Lift the hair at its roots a little and use a round brush to style the dried ends. And be sure to sprinkle the finished hairstyle with a small amount of hairspray, it will help preserve the volume for the whole day.

6. Dyeing strands

Add some three-dimensional volume to your hair simply by dyeing it. The techniques of streaked dyeing or obmre will be helpful. Do not dye your hair with a total shade effect of a wig. On the contrary, choose the coloring with a few shades.


How to do it: Natural shades that create the effect of sun-bleached hair are fashionable. Forget about copper, gold or bronze shades. It is best to have the first dyeing in the salon for the specialist to select the color for you.

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