5 Beautiful Complexion Tips


For the skin to “breathe” better, it is advisable to use tone products with a light texture as soon as the warm sunny days arrive, while in summer it is ideal to only apply makeup in the evening. A month is left before the hot season comes, which means it’s time to bring your face in order.


Complexion is an indicator of our health. Yellow hue indicates problems with the liver or gallbladder, while reddish face indicates hypertension; “aristocratic pallor” indicates the lack of iron in the body. All this serves as the reason to see a doctor.

If you do not have the above mentioned problems, but the complexion is still imperfect, it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle. “Earthy” complexion can be attributed to several reasons.

1. Excessive drinking coffee

Count how many cups you drink per day. A lot? Your dull complexion may be caused by caffeine. To improve the situation, try to replace coffee with tea or drink a glass of water each time after tasting this invigorating drink.

2. Bad habits

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, so it is pointless to once again enumerate what nicotine does to the body. A healthy lifestyle is fashionable, so it’s time to quit, especially if you do not want to grow old sooner.

Excessive alcohol consumption also affects the complexion. Of course, it will not turn yellow because of moderate consumption, but it will definitely lose all its colors.

3. Lack of sleep

A day consists of 24 hours, and one should spend eight of them every day sleeping. Otherwise, there will be bruises and bags under the eyes, and the complexion will spoil. If you do not spare yourself, the body can give a serious failure, including the relapse of chronic diseases, a heart attack and a stroke.

4. Sloth

If you want your skin to glow, you need to take care of it every day. In addition to traditional body treatments, do not forget to spray thermal water and sunscreen on your face on hot days. Once a week, peel your face with an exfoliating scrub and make a mask.

5. Greed

Do not try to save money on beauty. Buy high-quality cosmetics and do not skimp on salon treatments.