$30K Compensation for a Negligent Butt Augmentation

An Italian court sentenced the plastic surgeon to pay almost 29,000 euros (about $32,000) as the patient’s moral and material compensation. During the trial, it was found that the specialist was not able to properly perform the procedure of butt augmentation.


Judge Mark Chetcuti reached this verdict in the case based on the resident of Italy Venerie Falzon’s claim against plastic surgeon Marcello Stella. Falzon told the court that she had asked the local doctor for advice on the butt augmentation surgery. He sent her to Dr. Stella, who promised “Brazilian buttocks” to the patient. The inspired woman rushed to the cashier and paid the whole cost of the procedure.

Later, the surgeon performed a surgery, but Venerie was entirely displeased with the final results, as her buttocks looked uneven. The woman was even ashamed of wearing a swimsuit. The surgeon had to carry out another surgery, known as the correction of adipose tissue. According to the claimant, she developed an infection soon after the procedure, so Dr. Stella had to perform another surgery in 10 days free of charge.

However, it did not bring the desired result, so signora Falzon went to England to complete the treatment, which cost her a lot. In his verdict, judge Chetcuti said that Dr. Stella had falsely assured his patient in the success of the surgery and promised she would get “Brazilian buttocks”. However, the medical expert appointed by the court found that the doctor was unqualified for this procedure. According to the verdict of the court, the plaintiff would be paid 28,727 euros.

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