10 Signs Revealing Your True Age

At the back of her mind, almost every woman is sure that she looks younger than her peers, but, alas, most often it is not true.


The problem is that not everyone is able to recognize their own age-related changes and be critical to themselves – they demonstrate a triggered psychological defense mechanism and a quite understandable fear of aging. But, according to the research, even at first glance strangers can unconsciously and almost unerringly read our age due to special markers. There are 10 signs revealing your true age. How can we get rid of them with the help of modern cosmetology and without resorting to plastic surgery? Removing at least one age marker makes it possible to look a few years younger! And if you influence all the factors, you can achieve truly impressive results.

1. Nasolabial folds

One of the most important markers of age on a woman’s face is nasolabial folds. Although the outline of nasolabial folds is not directly dependent on age, they really have a major impact on its subconscious determination. Nasolabial folds may appear as early as the age of 25-30, and the sooner you start their correction, the better the result will be.

How to eliminate them. At the initial stage, bioreinforcement can be helpful. This procedure implies the creation of a frame under the skin with the help of gel, as well as biorevitalization that is known to many. If the nasolabial folds are deep enough, the fillers based on hyaluronic acid will come in handy.

2. Skeletonization of the eye orbit, sinking down, circles and bags under the eyes

Studies have shown that there is no link between the degree of female attractiveness and the size of her eyes. It is much more important to have no dark circles around the eyes; the eyes should not seem tired as well. The skin here is four times thinner than facial skin, which is only half a millimeter. It is much drier; it has the minimal amount of body fat, and is subjected to tremendous stress. Very often we see problems in this area too late, despite the fact that they immediately make us older.

If you start face care on time, dark circles can be removed with the help of drugs that improve blood circulation and strengthen the vascular walls, the products containing vitamins K and C, and parsley extract. Bags and swelling can be treated with the products that improve blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage: caffeine, extracts of bilberry, plantain, arnica; green tea compresses and ice cube massage. Wrinkles will be removed due to the products with AHA acids, retinol, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The arsenal of modern cosmetology should also contain proven treatments like thermage, fraxel, peeling and mesotherapy.

3. Lips that have lost volume and color

According to many studies, about 60 percent of people believe the mouth to be the most erotic part of the face, but it is not an easy task to preserve the beauty of female lips at an elderly age. The fact is that the area above the upper lip is hormonally dependent, since it contains a large number of receptors of estrogen – female sex hormone – and growth hormone. Due to declining estrogen levels, menopause is the strongest factor of female lips aging. As soon as the first changes in hormone levels take place, it is immediately reflected in the condition of the lips: lips start thinning out, the natural volume disappears, the color fades; there appear folds and wrinkles around the lips.

How can you fix it? Firstly, do not smoke because it provokes the appearance of spider wrinkles near the mouth. Secondly, take regular care of lips at home, using balms with beeswax, vitamins, and herbal extracts. In cosmetology, lips are rejuvenated with the help of peeling (laser, radio-wave), fraxel, and, of course, fillers based on hyaluronic acid. By the way, the latter do not necessarily make the lips bigger. A good doctor can make an injection to align and rejuvenate the contour around the lips without adding volume.

4. Dim and uneven skin tone

Young skin literally radiates health; it has a smooth and velvety tone. Unfortunately, over the years, the process of cellular renewal of the skin slows down; the skin becomes dry and rough, its shine disappears, there is pigmentation which makes the face look tired; pores are clearly becoming more prominent.

How to eliminate the problem. Such procedures as peeling, fraxel, and resurfacing can significantly improve the color and condition of the skin, but it is important to start special care in time, to monitor your overall health and use a cream with SPF. Your skin can easily look like at 25 when you are 40! A miracle, isn’t it? But it will happen under a single condition: if you start competent care for your skin at the age of 25. This does not mean injecting hyaluronic acid from birth. It is all about health and the right attitude towards your body and skin in particular. To put it brief, if the marker of “skin aging” has appeared, it will be difficult to remove it, while the other markers of age (double chin, bags under the eyes) are on the contrary easy to remove when they have appeared in their full splendor.

5. Mimic wrinkles

This marker may appear as early as at 25. We all want to comfort ourselves thinking that wrinkles are the only consequence of excessive emotion, expression, and have no relation to aging. But you will still have to admit that wrinkles, regardless of their nature, do not make the face more beautiful and are somehow associated with age.

Botox is the gold standard in cosmetology, which allows to get rid of facial wrinkles, despite a lot of prejudices and absurdities, which are ascribed to the botulinum toxin injections. It is better to fix the problem as soon as it appears: waiting for a certain point when you can apply Botox only exacerbates the situation.

6. Distortion of an oval face shape

This age marker is truly insidious and largely depends on heredity. In some cases, at about the age of 30, the line of the lower jaw and chin can start to slowly sag, fall, losing its clarity and tone. And after 40, the probability of contour distortion and violation of the oval face shape reaches 80 percent. The oval shape may also be distorted due to postural disorders or obesity. Whatever the reasons are, any violation in this area is treated as an age problem, whether it’s a double chin, which appears as a result of excess weight at the age of 25, or saggy face skin at the age of 45.

How to eliminate the problem. Exercises for the face, miostimulation and microcurrents can help as ways of prevention, which can be started at 25-30 or if the problem is not evident. If the situation is dramatic, it is necessary to resort to “heavy artillery” in cosmetology, such as lipolytic products for fat reduction, skin reinforcement, strand strengthening of the chin and cheeks.

7. Gravitational wrinkles

They appear under the influence of gravity: soft tissues gradually begin to sag; the face seems to “flow down” and there appear wrinkles that have nothing to do with facial expressions and muscle movements. Such wrinkles firstly appear near the ears in the interval from 35 to 45 years; at the age of 45-50, the skin in the corners of lips is lowered; and at about 60, vertical gravitational wrinkles are clearly seen on the temples and cheeks.

Home attempts to treat these changes are ineffective. The most effective way that is offered in cosmetology is injecting these wrinkles and folds with fillers. Salon procedures aimed at lifting and facial soft tissue reduction can also be helpful.

8. Lost facial volume

The softer, rounder, and more childish a woman’s face is, the more attractive its owner will seem. Over the years, natural facial volume is distorted, the face becomes flatter and even worse – there appear sharp areas and sinking down, which certainly do not contribute to the youth and beauty of your face. Correct round curves of your face are as sexy as the seductive round shapes of your body.

To prevent the appearance of this age marker you need to eliminate sun exposure: almost all the signs of aging, including dehydration and subcutaneous fat, are a consequence of excessive sunbathing. Secondly, you need to avoid weight fluctuations: it is the main enemy of facial volume. The saddest thing is that people who often try to lose weight inefficiently use a variety of unbalanced diets; the fatty tissue on the face never recovers the way it was intended by nature. So, if a person is very thin, but cannot keep this weight stable and gains it again, fat will be deposited on the face according to a completely different set of rules. For example, there will appear a double chin and saggy skin!

3D-contouring can solve the problem of volume loss: it is a non-invasive technique that restores a beautiful facial volume with the help of fillers.

9. Your neck is covered with wrinkles

Despite the fact that neck condition is a very important marker in determining a person’s age, most women begin to take care of it only when changes are in full swing. However, there comes the time when aging begins to be evident on the neck.

Anyone who wants to have a young and beautiful neck needs to take care of their posture. If your shoulders are relaxed, it automatically makes you lower your head and neck causing muscle tone violation. It is also important to sleep on a small, firm pillow, which follows the curve of the neck, or on a special neck supporting pillow. Cosmetology offers radiowave and ultrasonic facelift, fraxel, lightweight fillers, plasma lift. As a precaution, you can do mesotherapy and peeling from time to time after you turn 25. 10 years ago it was simply impossible to keep the neck young without surgical neck braces at the age of 50-60! Now it is real.

10. Overweight and wrong posture

Overweight not only leads to the emergence of other age markers – it adds years itself. Obese people, as well as people with bad posture, look much older than their peers. A 40-year-old person suffering from obesity looks 50 and feels 60.

You should lose weight smoothly and gradually. Make sure that calorie restriction does not result in a decrease of vitamins and minerals in the diet, take good care of the face during weight loss. To speed up the process of weight loss and improve skin condition, you can use advanced cosmetological techniques: intense lipolysis (the introduction of a drug that helps to remove fat), cavitation therapy, cryolipolysis, and ozone therapy. Still, the main and most effective way to lose weight is a proper diet and exercise.

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