What Makes a Man Hot?

Attraction between genders is a complicated phenomenon subject to many factors that are largely unpredictable and defying definition. We all know that any woman doesn’t fall for any man she comes across. There are standards to be met first, sometimes rather strict ones. Nevertheless, although the nature of chemistry is generally very hard to pin down, some of the factors that make a woman sit up and take notice can be laid down with a degree of certainty.


For centuries men have been attempting to discover what exactly it is that draws women to them – but in vain. They had to let it go and accept that women are unfathomable creatures who cannot be figured out except for a few points that they were able to discern.

Yes, there are a number of qualities that can make a man more desirable for women, and, on the contrary, there are ways to bring about instant repulsion. Some of the qualities that all but guarantee a woman’s attention are listed here, so that men can make good use of it, employing as many of them as you can – although sometimes just one would be quite enough.

You may find yourself agreeing wholeheartedly with some of these and shrugging your shoulders at others. Do you think this list can be augmented or altered in any way?

How he treats his mom

You know that men are highly likely to take to women who resemble their mothers. There is also another side to it, if a woman sees that the man enjoys a perfect relationship with his mother, it works like a strong attraction (of course, if the man is a real mature man and does not act like a son who has not grown up as he should have!). Knowing that the man loves his mother dearly, the woman feels certain that he is capable of strong feelings and he will love her just as he loves his mom. He has been brought up to respect women and treat them with reverence – which is sure to appeal to any woman.

His eyes are beautiful

Everybody knows that eyes are windows to the soul of the person, and if a woman falls in love with a man’s eyes, it is a definite sign that she is all over him. Many women admitted that eyes were what caused them to fall for the guy in the first place, so it’s good advice for men to keep their eyes healthy and cared for. Besides, eyes are a good indicator of health, truthfulness and sincerity when it comes to revealing the feelings that he has for you.

He has strong opinions

When a man feels strong about life issues, he has a passionate nature and sturdy beliefs. You can find out quickly what kind of man he is, what his values are. It’s also nice to know that he isn’t afraid of voicing his opinions. On the other side of the pole, a man who has no clear-cut opinions appears to be easily led and highly suggestible, which are probably not the most welcome qualities in a male. Whereas if the man’s and the woman’s ideas turn out to be the same, it can pave way to a deeper understanding – and probably more.

He can play music


Any man who is good at playing a musical instrument (even more so if it happens to be the woman’s favorite instrument) has high chances of attracting the women around him! Look how easy it is for a rock musician or a boy in the band to get himself a girlfriend. They can have so many girlfriends that they find it a challenge not to cheat on the one they have. If your boyfriend can sing a song accompanying himself, it’s a source of endless pleasure and a success at any party. Considering how much commitment and patience one needs to learn to play, women know in advance that a musician must possess these useful qualities.

He is optimistic and positive

So many reasons we have to feel low, there are many things beyond our control to get us down, it’s really easy to get stressed out. So, your spirit can greatly depend on people around you. When the main man in your life accepts that life can not be controlled totally but still looks on the bright side of things, you feel revitalized and grow to appreciate his mature outlook on life. It is so extremely comforting when you get the support and assurance that come from an optimistic man. You really feel valued and adored with this attitude.

He is faithful

Being faithful is the stepping stone of every relationship, and it’s what any woman is expecting to get from her man. When a woman can be sure that her man wouldn’t look on any other female, but will always offer her support, understanding and consideration, she won’t cease to be drawn to him. No woman ever enters into a new relationship with the wish to have her heart broken – she would sooner not; so, when she runs into a loyal and faithful man, she isn’t going to let go of him, for he’s a rare and precious find.

He is fun to be with

A man who has a great sense of humor is certainly regarded as an attraction – who else could make you feel good and wanting to laugh out loud even when things are going wrong? A shot of sparkling humor is what we really need when we are taking a bumpy ride. Moreover, when you find that your and your partner’s ideas about what is funny coincide, it creates a special kind of bond when both can be sure they are not looked upon as weirdos by the other. So, if a man has a kind of humor that does not involve making other people look ridiculous, he will always be welcome in women’s society and their lives, because they can rely on his ability to make this world a funnier place.

He can hear you out


Women are great talkers, so they need a good listener all the time! Meanwhile, men are often cramped for words (they were created this way), all they would rather do is lounge on the couch watching sports programs. So, once a woman gets herself a man who will always lend an ear to her outpourings and is ready to turn away from TV to discuss her issues with her, she won’t ever want to loosen her hold on him. It’s so inspiring when you can count on a man offering you his undivided attention – a temptation too strong not to yield to.

He is stylish

A woman is unable not to pay attention to the way people dress. Mind, men, that your attire can make or break your reputation in the very first instances you meet a lady. Those of the male population who mean to produce a serious and lasting impression on a woman must look as if they never neglected the question of dress. Their clothes should be fitting to the event, and what’s more, the accessories should match – watch, scent, all these send invisible signals to all the women within sight. And shoes probably require more consideration than anything else!

Height matters

The basic ideal image of a man with a lot of women is a handsome, dark-haired and tall guy (if he were mysterious it would be even better, but these three will do!). Some may later agree to repudiate their girlish dreams and settle down for lower heights, but it doesn’t mean the dream has declined. A girl won’t ever object to a man towering over her (reasonably so, of course), there is something romantic in looking up at your boyfriend, in more senses than one.

He is clever


At the initial stages of acquaintance people shower each other with questions, and the question about one’s profession or trade is bound to come up sooner than later. It is preferable that the man’s occupation should be on the same level as the woman’s, or be something requiring much experience and earning public respect. Also, the way he talks and expresses his ideas showcases his intelligence and can sweep the woman off her feet. In terms of relationship a woman would feel more comfortable with a clever man who can keep the ball rolling and not with a nitwit who will come off boring everyone dead.

He’s got a lovable body

We can’t get round the fact that a beautiful body won’t ever be overlooked by either sex! Men always check out women’s bodies, and the same goes for women – but they probably have higher standards. A man runs a good chance to make the woman gasp in admiration if he displays a muscular (but not too muscular) body with a perfect set of six-pack. Women can recognize a marvelous physique even when concealed by clothes! The only hindrance is some of these men knowing they can boast a great body would be overconfident and arrogant – so, if a perfectly built man is sympathetic and respectful, he will easily win female hearts.

He is the soul of romance

Would you be surprised to know that a man can win over any woman with this quality only, being a romantic? A breath of romance in her life is what any woman craves, hearing poetic expressions of feelings, getting small soulful surprises, basking in warm attention she receives. A romantic approach can make up for absence of any other desirable quality, so now and then short men who are not very well-off are seen dating models and actresses, just because they give them romance and make them feel like walking on air.

Famous men

Men who are in the public eye (especially if they justly earned the popularity they get) will never be short of admiring women around them. Fame which is supported by talent makes men look more than life-size, they loom large in women’s eyes because importance adds attraction to their images. There are actors, singers, politicians, business men and other public figures whom many women dream to meet and receive even the smallest sign of attention like a smile or a handshake. They are sure to cherish the memory of such a meeting through years.

A rich man


A man with a formidable bank account is very attractive on his own. The understanding that he can provide everything a woman may want, make all her craziest dreams come true, bring her the moon from the sky is head-turning. A rich man stands for security, boundless shopping when you don’t care how much money you spend, the feeling that the whole world is at your feet, and few women would be able to withstand the grand vista opening before them. Money has the power to bowl over female hearts, and if a woman sees a rich guy who is decent and considerate, she feels her prayers have been answered.

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