Zoe Saldana and Fiancé Break up

Separation must come tough for Zoe Saldana, for she could have forgot what it is to be alone in the 11 years she’s been in relationship!

Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton

It is for more than a decade that the 33-year-old Avatar actress has been dating Keith Britton, 35, they got engaged last June eventually much to Saldana’s delight; besides, they have cooperated on business projects like setting up fashion site MyFDB.com – but nothing is for keeps, and now it’s all history for them!

Saldana’s rep confirmed to Us Weekly that the couple who have been “together forever” have actually separated, although they intend to remain on amicable terms and equally dedicated to their business concerns.

As Us reports, the actress has always been very reticent about her personal life to the extent of not introducing Britton as her fiancé. She preferred people to see her in her purely professional capacity. Now, in the wake of separation, she also expects her privacy to be respected by her fans.

Source of the image: Ology.

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