The Truth about Celebrity Retouching

Celebrities always seem perfectly beautiful to us. One only has to look at the covers of glossy magazines, with all those fantastically beautiful actresses and singers. It seems that signs of fatigue and wrinkles are simply unknown to them. But it is not so: all imperfections are erased from the face with the help of Photoshop. But sometimes graphic designers overact and “accidentally” deprive the stars of their charming flaws and individuality. It is interesting what celebrities themselves think about it?

In fact, retouching consists in correcting photos. It is understandable that stylists and makeup artists do their best to make their clients look luxurious in the pictures. However, it is color correction and retouching rather than shimmers and highlighters that make the stars irresistible on the pages of glossy magazines. But the technical designers’ work is not always reduced to the minimum photo processing: they often change the appearance of even the most perfect stars completely while retouching the photos.

Still, the fact remains that many perceive glossy pictures as a guide to action. As a result, many girls are suffering from their own imperfection. For them, unnaturally thin models with vividly plastic skin, white teeth, correct and absolutely symmetrical lips, and lush curls fixed in a perfect hairstyle are the embodiment of beauty. Everything would be fine, but there are those who really try to be at least a little closer to this ideal at any cost. A special responsibility lies on the stars, whose face and body are retouched. There is a risk that many fans will want to get closer to such unnatural beauty. Fortunately, some celebrities understand this and oppose retouching.

Jennifer Lawrence

As if trying to punish Jennifer Lawrence for her constant falling on the red carpet while wearing Dior dresses, the authors of the advertising campaign that involves the actress retouched her very carefully. Fortunately, the star has reacted to this action quite calmly and said live on the American show that neither she nor people look like that. Jennifer joked that she could probably need Photoshop more than anyone else. She also said she was not going to lose weight for the sake of glossy covers or a multi-million dollar contract.


Kim Kardashian

Several years ago, Kim did not have immensely lush buttocks, but Complex Magazine still found a reason to adjust her figure in the graphic editor. Unedited pictures leaked to the Internet even before being published: the public learned that the great reality show star had cellulite. It did not take Kim long to reply that the fact of her being on the cover does not mean that she is perfect. She likes her figure and yes, she has cellulite in her body, like all other girls. The star has confessed many times that she is not ideal. It does not prevent the retouchers from doing their job and bringing her impressive forms to perfection with the help of a graphical editor.

Gisele Bündchen

One of the highest paid models in the world, Gisele Bündchen uses her name, trying to attract attention to the problem of excessive use of retouching in the field of gloss.

The model believes that women should look fresh and natural, which is now a rarity. Gisele likes that girls are so unlike each other. Imperfections make girls unique and beautiful – this mantra is frequently repeated in Giselle’s interviews.

Keira Knightley

Looking at the promotional poster of the film “King Arthur,” with Keira Knightley starring, the star fans were surprised. Indeed, it is probably too much. In the photo, the actress has miraculously gained magnificent breasts of the third size at least. It was later revealed that the actress had been very worried during the filming that her size zero would ruin a photo poster. The technical designers did a great job to help her. Later, Keira had to repeatedly convince tabloids that she had not undergone breast augmentation. Since then, the first thing the star warns the photographers about is that she does not agree to even the slightest editing of her images.



Young singer Lord has been spotted by the MAC professionals; they invited the girl to take part in the creation of a make-up collection. However, the star did not seek to become the owner of a flawless skin tone and does not conceal the fact that she is far from being perfect. A few days ago, the girl tweeted two photographs from her concert: the first one had the star’s perfect retouched face, and the other one displayed everything, including even noticeable acne. Lord looked at the photos and warned not to forget that flaws are normal. Maybe, the girl needs to more actively take care of her skin, but in general, her words are reasonable.

Lady Gaga

Did anyone expect Gaga to promote the cult of natural beauty after dropping the image of “the queen of monsters”? At the “Woman of the Year” ceremony, conducted by the Glamour magazine, the star did not thank the publication for the latest shoot; instead, she criticized the issue with her own photo on the cover.

She said that when she saw the cover, she was surprised at seeing her skin. It does not normally look as perfect as that, and the hair is not so smooth even after visiting a stylist. Gaga certainly does not look this way in the morning. Now many say that there is too much retouching in magazines. But Lady Gaga would prefer not to hear talks about it, and to see a change instead.

Cate Blanchett


This Hollywood actress always requests to retouch her face as little as possible before the shoot. The star is against plastic surgery, which deserves respect; she is going to grow old in a beautiful way and show it on the pages of a glossy magazine. However, Kate appeared with a “plastic” face on the cover of Vogue in January. The celebrity has not commented on the situation. But it is worth noting that it was she who persuaded the editors of Intelligent Life not to retouch her picture in 2012, showing her real wrinkles to the world.


Having seen the H&M advertising campaign with her participation, Beyonce was furious: technical designers deprived the singer of her expressive feminine roundness in the photographs. The representatives of the Swedish giant had no choice but to return to Beyonce’s true thighs in the picture. However, we all know that no one will allow hanging posters on Madison Avenue in New York City without retouching. Nevertheless, they eventually showed a not very slim girl, who bore only a slight resemblance to Beyonce. This goes to prove how successfully the pop star’s appearance had been retouched.

Coco Rocha


We are used to the tendency that even the models with the “super” prefix are nothing but a canvas for creative ideas voiced by makeup artists, designers and producers. Graphic editors are used to painting new faces or adjusting bodies. Could anyone have thought that the girls working in this industry object to retouching as well? For example, Coco Rocha was extremely outraged that there was no bodysuit under the transparent dress on the cover of the Brazilian Elle; instead, there appeared a clear outline of the breasts.

The photo was retouched as if she were posing in a revealing dress on her naked body – and this was definitely not the same exposure Coco was ready for. She did not give any oral or written consent and was extremely disappointed because of the team’s behavior.

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