Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher Together?

Can Rihanna have fallen for Ashton Kutcher once he’s (officially) free?

At least there’s an inside source telling Us Weekly a story of Rihanna’s coming round to Kutcher’s place in Hollywood almost at midnight on March 20. She was reported to have stayed inside for more than three hours.

Nevertheless, the speculations have been cut short by the singer herself when she spoke of the rumors at the Battleship press conference in London Wednesday. She was asked outright by a reporter whether Ashton Kutcher was going to “make a trip over here” to make Rihanna’s private life as successful as her career.

The Grammy winning artist (who counts singer Chris Brown and athlete Matt Kemp among her ex-boyfriends) rolled her eyes and reminded that she felt quite happy to be single, adding that the question was maybe “disappointing.”

Also, a source said that the two were definitely “not hooking up.”

On Kutcher’s side, the 34-year-old Two and a Half Men star is not starved for dates. He is delighting in his singleness too. A source close to the actor spills that he has girls flocking around him.