Pink's Pre-Tour Diet & Exercise Plan

Pink knows how to surprise! In the company of her fitness instructor, the artist is getting ready for a new tour across the United States and Europe called “Truth About Love”. She has prepared a few performances on the trapeze and lost much weight.


According to instructor Dreya Weber, Pink’s preparation for the show began almost immediately after birth (the singer became a mother in June 2011).

She would eat healthy food, which was delivered straight to her door, and attended a gym five times a week. The diet of the scandalous pop diva was based on cabbage, fresh vegetables, white chicken meat and fish. As a result, she managed to lose almost 25 kilograms (55 lbs).


After Pink had regained her good shape, she decided to diversify the program with acrobatic stunts. It took her several months to prepare for the performance: the singer was working on the trapeze two or three times a week – under the watchful supervision of professionals, of course. They taught her to perform intricate steps, while being suspended upside down and singing at the same time.


But that’s not all! The list of Pink’s favorite physical activities has recently included power yoga, kickboxing, and jogging.

“She is in the best shape of her life.”


That is what her acrobatics instructor, Dreya Weber, is proud to announce. We cannot fail to agree – the results that the singer has achieved are really admirable.

Huge Pink during Pregnancy

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