Pattinson and Garfield – Rivalry or Hate?

There is no love lost between Andrew Garfield, 28, and Robert Pattinson, 26 – either in spite of or because they invite comparison.

Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson

Two British actors of approximately the same age can hardly escape being pitted against one another, and Garfield resents that, Us Weekly learned from a source. And maybe the same goes for R-Patt, for when the actors came together on the wedding of their mutual friend producer Kevin Turen, those present noticed they gave a wide berth to each other all through the celebration.

A witness shared that the actors avoid spending time together; Pattinson’s Twilight fame makes Garfield hold him “the equivalent of a cheesy boy bander” while he looks upon himself as a more serious actor.

Nevertheless, it could be just a normal competitive attitude, comments another inside source, since they share a liking for dramatic roles of alike kind which would always be creating comparisons.