Monica Lewinsky to Write a Book about Her Affair with Bill Clinton

The scandalous affair which made such an impact on Bill Clinton’s political career and could have terminated his stay in the White House is now going to be splashed on paper in every romantic (or grisly) detail – Monica Lewinsky is to write a tell-all!

Monica Lewinsky

It’s 16 years away, but people still want to know, and, according to the New York Post, Lewinsky has been offered $12 million to open up about the past passion.

As the paper heard from sources in the know, the book will contain love letters written to Clinton (now 66, then 49) by the author, who was then a 22-year-old unpaid summer intern at the White House. It seems that the letters are very outspoken romantically, with the young Lewinsky promising to make the president a happy man! Some of those are said to be “so raw” that they weren’t sent.

Other revelations include Clinton’s denunciations of her wife Hillary whom he brought down for her niggardly sex life and being a “cold fish” generally.

Lewinsky has never been able to live down that episode in her life completely, and her subsequent occupations – a creator of Monica handbags, for one – were overshadowed by the scandal. She found it hard to start on other jobs and she is trying to make some money one way or another.

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