Modern Family's Ariel Winter Sues Her Own Mother

Unlike her character Alex Dunphy from “Modern Family”, Ariel Winter, a 14-year old star of the popular series, has a strained relationship with her relatives, to put it mildly. The actress has recently been shielded from contact with her mother, who, according to a court decision, has been abusing her daughter.

Modern Family's Ariel Winter

Ariel herself appealed to the court: the actress wanted to be completely free from her mother’s tutelage and appealed to get custody of her older sister, 34-year-old Chanel Gray. There had been rumors that Ariel wanted to move to her boyfriend, but the young actress denied it.

She blames her mother for causing moral pressure and practicing disrespectful treatment (Winter said her mother had always had vicious jokes about her weight) and accuses her of physical violence (she often allowed herself to hit her daughter, push her, or give her a slap). In addition, Ariel asks the court for her sister’s custody and wants her to manage all the finances. Up to now, the actress’ mother Chris Workman has received the money for her daughter’s work in “Modern Family” and other projects.

Chris, in turn, denies any allegations that she has been treating her daughter in a bad way.

Journalists learned that some years before Chanel Gray, Ariel’s elder sister, had also accused the mother of suchlike misbehavior.

The court reached a verdict that Ariel’s mother should not approach her daughter for less than 100 meters until the next court trial procedure, which is scheduled for November 20. Apart from that, Ariel’s sister has been appointed her temporary custodian.

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