Miley Cyrus Admits Smoking Weeds?

Has Miley Cyrus turned out to be a stoner? Anyway, it was a motif that has been played up some at Miley’s recent birthday party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Miley Cyrus Stoner

It was on Wednesday that Cyrus turned 19, and her pal Kelly Osbourne gave a private bash for her at the hotel’s Beacher’s Madhouse. The party video found its way to The Daily, and a great number of smoking pot references were enough to spark up comments!

The cake Osbourne had made against the occasion was designed to resemble Bob Marley, a known pot user, and Cyrus immediately re-Christened it to “Bob Miley,” saying that when friends start giving you presents like this it’s time to realize that you’re a stoner with a history! To that Osbourne replied that she had thought the newly 19-year-old was hooked on salvia.

The Hannah Montana star was spotted at her last birthday party indulging a whiff of salvia, a hallucinogenic herb that is legal. Though later, when Cyrus realized that the incident had been filmed, she admitted that it was an unseemly thing to do – “because of my fans and because of what I stand for.”

Cyrus’s rep is still unavailable to comment on the birthday hints, but Kelly Osbourne urged on her Twitter page that it had been nothing but a joke. After her friend’s salvia indulgence it was but natural to make up jokes about it and call her “Bob Miley” – which then evolved into a birthday cake. Osbourne added that people who make the public believe what Cyrus is not could hardly be called her friends.

Tweeting under the hash tag, she reminded that what with Cyrus’s busy lifestyle she cannot be a stoner by a long chalk.

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