Madonna's MDNA Onstage Makeup Secrets

Gina Brooke, Madonna’s makeup artist, spoke about what cosmetics she used to help the singer look perfect onstage.

Singer Madonna

Madonna is known for her eccentric style of clothing, but when it comes to makeup, the singer is very conservative: she prefers dramatic eyes, flawless skin tone and a bright red lipstick.

During the current MDNA tour (this is the fourth tour of Gina Brooke together with Madonna), the makeup artist needed to create an image that would stand the hot and humid climate, such as in Israel, as well as the lightning change of costumes.

According to Brooke, the process of creating an image is merely a trick. She looks through the rehearsals and ponders what Madonna’s makeup should be like. Then she introduces her ideas to the star, but it is always Madonna who has the final word.

During the previous tour, Brooke emphasized the eyes of the singer, and the current MDNA tour demanded doing otherwise. The makeup artist says she felt that the focus had to be on the lips, since Madonna appears in a beret, she is dressed in black, and her skin is of very pale cream color. The only valid solution in this case was making the lips red.

Brooke, who has been working with the Make Up For Ever brand, used it to create Madonna’s makeup. She claims that with the Aqua Rouge line one can eat, swim, and do whatever she wants – the color will remain.

Aqua Rouge 8 Iconic Red shade with a very strong pigment was chosen for Madonna. According to Gina Brooke, this shade will suit any type of skin.

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