Lucky Magazine Apologizes for Britney Spears Cover

The December issue (2012) of the glossy Lucky magazine comes out with Britney Spears on the cover. The photo has already appeared on the Internet. It upset even the singer’s most devoted fans.

According to Britney’s fans, there was too much retouching, so they criticized the editors. In their mildest messages, tweeted on the page of the magazine, the fans asked the editors not to do it ever again, they said the photo resembled neither Britney’s face, nor her figure, and commented on the photo with the words “terrible” and “outrageous”.

The editors of the Lucky magazine did not remain silent and responded to the discussion on Twitter. They thanked everyone for their opinions on the latest cover and discussed all of them. The representatives of the glossy magazine added they regretted that the cover would be released in December.

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