Lily Allen Asks Kate Moss for a Boyfriend

Lily AllenThe 23-year-old singer Lily Allen who has been linked to older boyfriends asked supermodel Kate Moss to find her a man. It happened at the party following Lily’s London show last week. Rumors say Kate knows many people who’d like to date Lily. What boyfriend is Lily looking for now?

Lily joked her next lover would be 60 years old because every new boyfriend she dated was older and richer than the previous one. She went on that Lester Lloyd was a 20-year-old DJ and had no money. Then it was 30-year-old Seb Chew whose earnings as a record executive were a bit higher, Ed Simpson was 40 and made a bit more and Jay is pushing 50. She thinks it may mean that her next lover is probably going to be 60.

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