Lady Gaga in Ripped Leggins – Hit or Miss?

The 23-year-old pop singer Lady Gaga was observed Sunday at a Japan airport wearing what seems to be her latest gaga craze in clothes – ripped tights. The tights had suffered an impressive deal of ripping, and the blazer she had on wasn’t trying to conceal the fact that a goodish part of her rear flesh was peeking out, including some bits that would have stayed in with somebody else.

Lady Gaga Ripped Leggings

Not with Lady Gaga… who doesn’t stop. At least she hasn’t done it for plastic bustiers and bubbles.

But maybe this time her course through the territory of what she insists upon calling a “walking art” led her a little astray. For those ripped leggings aren’t exactly her genius invention. Lots of people including Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna paid them tribute, and if you intend to follow suit you will easily get a well-ripped pair at Forever 21 for a sum of $14.99.

And if she was counting on attracting attention to her posterior, she would have fared much better with American Apparel backless stuff… Didn’t anyone tell her that such things are already in existence?

Is she losing it or can she still carry it off with a flourish?

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