Johnny Depp Sued

Fate has a nasty surprise in store for Johnny Depp (as chance would have, in the midst of a new romance). It has been announced recently that Johnny will appear in court in Los Angeles.

Johnny Depp
“Captain Sparrow” is sued by his fan (apparently, she is his former fan now), college professor Robin Eckert. Robin filed her suit to the Supreme Court of Los Angeles in April, and the reason is as follows: according to Eckert, she and her husband were present at the concert of The Stooges music group, which, unfortunately, was attended by Depp too.

The star’s guards brutally treated the 53-year old woman (Robin stresses that Depp did not even bother to stop them): they chained her in handcuffs, seized her mobile phone and brutally pulled her across the VIP-zone. Now, the mother of two children is going to get a pretty large sum of money as a compensation.

October 29 was the day when the court finally responded to the victim’s claim: judge Michael Johnson confirmed that the case would be considered in court. The most important thing now is to understand, if Robin is not exaggerating “the scale of tragedy.”

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