John Mayer to Date Heidi Montag

As Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are drifting apart, The Hills celebrity begins to draw attention from men wanting to date her, and it looks like the US bluesman John Mayer is the first in line.

Heidi Montag, John Mayer

Reveal informs that John Mayer, known for his liaisons with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, sat up and took notice as soon as he learned about the divorce being initialized. He is rumored to cherish a proclivity for the type of Barbie-like girls who are not strong in brains.

A source close to Heidi dished out that John had already started to approach the TV diva showing his interest. He makes himself charming and he is certainly good-looking, but his reputation as a star womanizer is something to be considered too, so “she’s flattered, but not yet convinced,” says the source.

Moreover, Montag is still very much involved in her break-up with Spencer; it will take her some time to get over that, for “at heart, she’s a very conservative, old-fashioned girl from Colorado,” her friend explained.

While Mayer set his sights on a new Barbie, Pratt isn’t in a great hurry to let go of his wife. He is believed to have delayed signing the divorce papers as long as he could, claiming that he received them at a late date.

The divorce is scheduled for finalization on Valentine’s Day 2011.

Another important event of Montag’s life occurred this week as her surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan died in a car accident while talking on his cell phone. Dr. Ryan’s last interview will feature on the Heidi’s Face show on MTV at 9pm on Sunday, August 22.

Source of the image: Zimbio, Imnotobsessed