Jessica Alba Hates Short Hot Pants

Jessica Alba confessed what item of clothing she considered the least favorite one. It turns out that the actress hates short hot pants that reveal buttocks.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been repeatedly included in the lists of the world’s sexiest women. Despite the fact that she is known for her slim and fit figure, the actress claims that she never wears too frank items of clothing. Keira Knightley once admitted that he hated skinny jeans and mini-skirts, but the object of Jessica Alba’s hatred is a little different. In an interview, she told the reporters that she hated short pants.

She says she will never wear too short pants that reveal her buttocks. The actress is absolutely sure of it. Apart from that, she cannot stand huge shoulder pads. What Jessica Alba really appreciates is a clear line of the shoulder, as in some clothes by Isabel Marant.

Jessica Alba’s style is easy to repeat because the actress often shares the secrets of success with her fans. The celebrity claims that it is easy to look your best. The main thing is to have an experienced tailor at hand. According to Jessica, if you shop at H&M, Topshop and other mass market stores, you can easily look like a million dollars. If an item does not fit, take it to the studio to make it fit your body. It will help you look perfect.

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