Jenny McCarthy Sent Her Racy Pics to Kid's Dentist

When pediatric dentists ask for pictures to be sent to them they may get a surprise – as Jenny McCarthy’s dentist found out when he received a pre-view of some pics from the upcoming Playboy!

Jenny McCarthy

The 39 year-old Love in the Wild host recounted her misadventure to the audience of Tuesday’s The Wendy Williams Show, telling how she inadvertently sent risqué pictures to her son’s dentist via her iPhone.

When on waking her 10-year-old son Evan called her telling that he had some weird excrescence on his gum, the concerned actress rang his dentist for instructions. He told her to take a picture of the abscess and send it over.

Consequently McCarthy took a picture with her iPhone and, in an accident that she called “horrific,” somehow managed to send out a picture of herself in her birthday suit.

The photo she sent to the dentist – who is, at McCarthy’s rough estimation, about 80 years old – was taken for her current boyfriend Brian Urlacher, a linebacker with Chicago Bears, 34. As soon as she realized what she had done, the actress said, she nearly screamed her head off!

Nevertheless, McCarthy is elated to be appearing in Playboy. It is a hark-back for her to her memorable 1993 photo session. She considers it’s her chance to show the world that MILFS getting on to 40 can be just as sexy as 20-year-olds.

The issue with the pics McCarthy is so proud of is due in a few weeks.