Jennifer Lopez Is Trying to Get Pregnant

Happy Mother Jennifer LopezSome rumors say that Jennifer Lopez is desperately trying to get pregnant those days. The actress and singer, 39, gave birth to twins last February and now wants to experience the divine pleasure of motherhood once again. The In Touch magazine’s source secretly noted that the doctors recommended Jennifer and Marc to wait at least half a year after the birth before conceiving another baby. Apparently, they are carefully following the doctors’ orders and are busy now with the second half – the baby part.

Jennifer knew for sure that she’d become a mother someday, but could not imagine that she would like it this much since she is literally overwhelmed with happiness. Jen wants her and Marc’s house to be filled with children.

Jennifer Lopez Wearing a White Dress

Reproduction is not only a pleasant act but it is also good for one. In the case with celebrities, it is also profitable since the first pictures of the baby can be sold for some good deal of money. Some people say that the six million which Jennifer Lopez and her husband received for the photo shoot of their children for the People magazine were spent on paying off Marc Anthony‘s debts.

Photos of Jennifer Lopez:

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