Jennifer Aniston Reveals the Truth about Pregnancy and Wedding

Jennifer Aniston-centered speculations finally got smothered by the actress, and the truth comes out not so exciting as the rumors. Nothing doing, announces the 42-year-old movie star.

Jennifer Aniston

First, any intimations of her approaching marriage are completely ungrounded, Aniston affirmed to Hello! at a press conference dedicated to her first directorial work, Five. Aniston’s current relationship with Justin Theroux, 40, or her wearing a ring, should not be regarded as the signs of her drifting towards marriage. Her new ring has nothing to do with engagement, Jen-An stressed.

She told the mag that, having been married once, she is not sure she will want to repeat the procedure – at least not so soon!

Having settled the marriage rumor, Aniston made as short a shrift of the baby-bump speculations.

Though the Horrible Bosses star had told Elle earlier that she is in no hurry to have a baby but would be “at peace with whatever the plan is” – which could have easily meant a coy tease – now she’s firm about her situation: she is not pregnant. And if she seems a little fuller than usual, that is because she has given up smoking!

The Aniston-Theroux relationship is still a topic out of bounds.

Source of the image: Celebrific.

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