James Franco to Publish a Book on the Life as a Celebrity

Franco is an actor, producer, artist, announcer at Oscar film awards ceremonies, and a writer. The novel Actors Anonymous, written by the star, has appeared on sale. You will experience an “intense, wild ride into the dark heart of celebrity”.


The book is partly based on the actor’s biography and is written by analogy with the principles of a group of anonymous alcoholics, which presupposes 12 stages on the road to recovery. Each chapter is the actors’ startling revelation.

“Hollywood has always been a private club … I’m here to entertain you but I don’t really care about entertaining you. ”

So, one of the chapters is a stylized fairy tale about a star of the “vampire” saga, another chapter is presented in the form of the actor’s confession: he became famous as a child and suffered from drug addiction because of this.

Amazon Publishing decided to publish the first complete book by Franco. By the way, James has previously written a book of short stories, called Palo Alto. It was published last summer.

Franco was studying English at the University of California, he also graduated from the Colombian Institute. Currently, the actor is learning at Yale University, where he is going to get his doctorate degree.

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