Gossip Girl Is Going to Tumble Three into One Bed in the Next Episode

The Gossip Girl creators are clearly expecting to stir the whole gamut of reactions from raised eyebrows to scandalized shrieks with their November 9 episode! What would you say to watching a hot threesome sex frolic?

Gossip Girl

EW.com counted the participants right, and made dead sure that a bed will house the flesh-hungry characters… but which? Ah, that still remains a mystery! For the time being the combination is a tease, although some characters seem to be indicated. Would the femme-fatalish Blair miss this chance? Can you imagine Josh the Gay ducking the offer? And what about the all-boys kiss?

Well, the college kids are out for what they’re worth for sure. Make your stakes and get ready for the bit of a free-love thrill!

Source of the image: ready2beat.com.

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