Why Michael Brea Killed His Own Mother

Michael Brea, 31, one of the actors who appeared in Ugly Betty, glorified God by killing his own mother in their apartment in Brooklyn, New York’s Daily News reports.

Michael Brea

He has confessed to the murder, insisting that his righteous rage was directed not against his mother Yannick, 55, but against the demon that had taken possession of her… Now he is undergoing psychiatric examination in a prison ward at Bellevue Hospital.

Brea’s story runs that his mother’s voice began to sound like that of a demon, and he was moved to put her faith to a test. When, Monday night, he began to question her whether she believed in God, and she answered no, he was told to attack her by several voices, one of which, he was sure, belonged to God. Upon that he picked up a Freemason sword, a three-foot ceremonial affair, and proceeded to slay the ugly demon inside.

He wasn’t going to let her die at once, he said, because he “wanted to give her time to get right with God”. He was also sure that, being guided by the spirits, he would have time to finish her off before the police broke down the door. He knew that no one could stop him because he was “doing the work of God.”

The inhumanly devout actor faces charges of second-degree murder and illegal possession of a weapon.

Source of the image: Longislandpress.

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