7 Celebs Keeping Their Private Lives Closed to the Public

For a celebrity, the limelight is just a part of their lives. It follows them everywhere, the mass media are on their toes as it regards stars: everything is exciting about them, starting from their new affairs of the heart and up to some misguided behaviors that are so unseemly as to affect their careers. Now, there are those celebs who never mind some extra attention, while others would sooner hideaway for privacy and spend their time in the sole company of their partners or pets. Actually, it’s right to set boundaries and keep private life out of the public’s eye. Although it’s a kind of a habit to try and learn more about famous people, if we stop and think, we may realize that they are entitled to their privacy and to violate it would be not quite human.

Some celebrities are very keen on maintaining their privacy for psychological and other reasons; here are some of them.

Kerry Washington

We remember Washington from a show devoted to revealing secrets, so some may think the actress is of the same mind frame, but no. Washington covers her tracks with ease, having gotten married and given birth to a daughter and two sons – and eluded comments and speculations even when she was with a baby bump. Still, the Confirmation star admitted at an interview that there was a time when she discussed her relationships publicly. Later, however, she realized that she has grown out of sharing and changed her mind about issuing comments on her private life.

Sandra Bullock

Probably it’s Sandra Bullock’s tumultuous divorce that drew the world’s attention that made the actress appreciate a degree of privacy in her life. Who would want to re-live through such strenuous times? Bullock may get a lot of limelight as a star yet she knows how to guard her private affairs. You won’t hear from her any mentions of her new photographer boyfriend and adopted children. Hopefully, she delights in her new relationship and is not going to publicize it unnecessarily.

Matt Damon

Damon, the star of Bourne Supremacy, is hard at the series ever since its start in 2004, and he knows how to make viewers fidget in their seats. He broke through on the cast of the unforgettable Good Will Hunting in 1997 alongside none other than Robin Williams. Matt Damon is a versatile actor who feels comfortable in dramas and science fiction alike. He appeared recently in Downsizing (2017). While he and his agent are certainly very busy, the actor’s family life remains in hiding – he won’t go blabbing about his Argentinian wife and three children (plus a stepdaughter). He means to keep his private life strictly private.

Janet Jackson

Of long-time fame (ever since The Jackson Five days), Janet Jackson succeeded in her solo career tremendously even if she wasn’t able to overshoot her hugely famous brother Michael. She scored hits with “Rhythm Nation,” “Rock With U” and many other songs. Accustomed to spotlight as she is, nevertheless Jackson managed to keep some facts about her life well-concealed, and we got wind of it only recently. She went through a five-year third marriage to Wissam Al Mana, a Qatari businessman, and gave him a son as she turned 50. But those are not her only secrets; after the divorce, Janet’s love life remains undercover. She doesn’t feel like disclosing her state of heart. We will know when she is ready to tell.

Natalie Portman

From the ‘90s onward Natalie Portman has been successfully conquering the movie industry, and now she has much to show for herself. Her personal life, though, seems to be a different proposition. She is closed tight about her relationships and taught her PR team to act likewise. Not all high-flyers take it up as seriously as she does. That’s why her team play along with her earnest wishes. So, the news of Portman is almost exclusively about her work (like starring in 2018’s Vox Lux). Don’t expect that when the movie is advertised and discussed, any facts about her life will leak. The lid is screwed on tight.

Ryan Gosling

A well-known actor and musician, Gosling is always willing to pursue the subject of his work but turns a deaf year to all inquiries about his private life. He must be feeling acutely the borderline between different spheres of people’s lives. Newshawks went to a lot of trouble to discover he and Eva Mendes were dating, and nothing could be found out about their matrimonial plans – if they existed. There were mentions of marriage back in 2016, but so far there is no tangible proof it took place. We only know that they parented two children. As for details, pressmen keep badgering Gosling as to why he keeps mum, but he has none of that. Why get at people who don’t want to spill the beans?

Robert Pattinson

We have already forgotten the time when the Twilight star was somebody in the crowd: nowadays Robert Pattinson is the cynosure of the press. At the latest Paris Fashion Week, the actor-cum-model surprised everybody with his Jedi-costume. As for his affairs of the heart, people still remember his agonizing relationship ending in a breakup with Kirsten Stewart over five years ago. Following the split, it is understandable that Pattinson becomes reserved when the question of his private life is brought up. Not only that: he has always been this way, steering clear of the press as much as he could. So his new flame remained secret, and many people just don’t know that he got engaged in 2015. Or maybe he didn’t. Anyway, he and FKA Twigs are now apart, and Pattinson is ready for a new romantic link. That would mean more attention, both natural and immoderate.

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