How to Survive the Day after a Sleepless Night?

Doctors warn that it is necessary to stick to a daily routine. Lack of sleep is fraught with a whole complex of problems, including such serious ones as obesity, heart problems, decrease in the number of spermatozoa, slowing down of reactions. Yet, there are situations when a person needs to remain active for some time after a sleepless night. You can achieve this if you know a few tips.

1. Proper nutrition

Harmful foods, such as chips and chocolate, sound attractive and even help to fight with extreme fatigue at first, but the effect is rather short-lived. The consumption of “healthy” foods and natural sugars (for example, bananas) will contribute to longer energy production and will also help to combat many other negative health consequences associated with lack of sleep. Breakfast with high-protein foods is the best start of any day, especially after a sleepless night. Snacks with a high protein content throughout the day are also indispensable.

2. Exercise

During the day, it is worth taking frequent breaks to get engaged in physical activity in order to accelerate the blood flow. Practicing yoga during breaks is also extremely useful in terms of providing the body with more energy.

3. Aspirin

Lack of sleep usually leads to a headache and “moodiness”. To prevent them, you can take aspirin or another pain killer immediately after breakfast. Of course, it is ideal to consult the doctor beforehand and know your reaction to various drugs.

4. Drinking water

Dehydration leads to even more fatigue. If the organism is hydrated properly, this will be the best way to maintain the functions of the brain and body. In addition to drinking water, it would be necessary to wash your face with cool water.

5. Avoiding home clothes

If you wear training pants and a T-shirt, it only leads to the feeling that you are going to bed, so people will lose every desire to communicate with you. It’s worth dressing as though you have an important day ahead, which will help you tune into the working mood.

6. Coffee and a short sleep

Coffee is the most common product used to combat fatigue. Nevertheless, it only has a short-term effect, which is replaced by dehydration and malfunctioning of the body. Consuming caffeine requires from 15 to 30 minutes for it to start working. The best strategy is to drink a cup of coffee and then take a nap for 30 minutes to wake up and feel fresh.

7. Prioritize

It is worth remembering that after a sleepless night, you need to do the most important things first. You will either “wake up” by doing this, or you will go home earlier, having accomplished the main tasks.

8. A short break for a video game

Video games support brain activity. That’s why you can play computer games until early in the morning. Games also distract attention from monotonous routine actions that lead to drowsiness. Even five minutes of simple games can set the necessary pace for the person.

9. Fast music

You should always have headphones at hand to listen to something memorable and funny and thus fight with sleep. Music should not be too complicated or too calming, otherwise, it will just make you fall asleep. Anything that makes you think too much can make you lose concentration and become even more exhausted.

10. Reduce the number of sleepless nights to a minimum

All of these tips will not work if you do not get enough sleep. For example, coffee does not help at all, if you do not sleep for a few nights a week. In addition, there should be a really important reason to deprive the body of sleep. In any case, it is better to sleep at least a few hours.

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