Britney Spears's Pre-Wedding Beauty Makeover

It turns out that slender body costs Britney Spears not cheap, even by Hollywood standards.

Britney's Beauty Secrets
Jennifer Aniston (who spends $ 8,000 on her appearance monthly) and even Miley Cyrus (who said goodbye to $ 50,000 to get rid of extra pounds) are standing aside. Britney Spears is going to outstrip them, with a beauty-plan to prepare for the wedding with Jason Trawick in December this year. According to the celeb’s preliminary calculations, she would have to fork out over $ 150,000 to look perfect at the ceremony,

According to Britney’s friends, she has assembled a team of professional personal trainers and top chefs to turn into a charming bride – super slender and glowing from within – before December. The fitness program includes Pilates, regular facials and massages. The beauty-plan also includes baths with Evian water and rose petals. By the way, the approximate cost of such a pleasure is $ 6000 per treatment. Well, in the fight for the beauty, all means are good, and Britney can afford anything.

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