Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas Get to the Streetkiss Stage

The Twilight beauty Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers have been refusing to let on what exactly their relationship is ever since early July when they began to be seen together fairly regularly. But it all will leak out soon, especially after the couple has been noticed kissing on a New York street. And not only noticed – photos of their kiss are available online!

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas

Assumptions of their being involved in a serious relationship rose higher when Joe Jonas came over to London to attend the Eclipse premiere and later had Greene at his side at a Kings of Leon concert.

In August they spent some time together in L.A.. Last Thursday Greene was vociferous for JJ on the stands during a baseball game in New York.

And the very next day they gave themselves away exchanging a kiss as they were out of a ShoHo store after doing some shopping and lunching together.

Joe’s previous involvements with Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato stirred up a lot of public interest, so his discretion about his new love affair can be easily understood. At least Demi was known to say that breaking up a public relationship is far more difficult…

Source of the image: Aceshowbiz