Amy Winehouse's Vacation Scandals

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse splashed a stranger with water. Twenty-five-year-old singer took vacation to take a break from family issues and close contacts with narcologists and set off to heal her mental and physical wounds at the Caribbean islands. While staying at a luxury Caribbean hotel, the celebrity surprised other guests when she threw a glass of water at a woman sitting nearby at lunch.

The victim of the singer‘s hot temperament was there with her boyfriend and requested an apology. Amy Winehouse refused to apologize, but changed her mind when the couple threatened to call the police and press charges. The celebrity’s rep later explained the situation saying that the reason behind this behavior was that Amy overheard part of their conversation and misinterpreted it. A source, one of the guests of the hotel, said that Amy has bad influence on the impression people get of the hotel. She is constantly drunk a rudely treats the personnel.

However, Amy does not worry about those statements at all. Looks like she enjoys her vacation to the fullest. Since her vacation started, some rumors have already started which claim that she has a fling with Blake Wood, an American artist, who stays on the same island as Amy. In addition, she was seen with a mysterious dark-haired man. Amy seems to greatly enjoy his company.

Amy Winehouse and a Mysterious Dark-Haired Man

Photo of Amy Winehouse and a mysterious dark-haired man:,

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