8 Celebrity Lawbreakers

Celebs are certainly world apart from other people in many ways, and their relationship with the law is another proof of that! At times it seems they don’t care what they are doing apart from feeding news hawks with piquant news. What’s more, they keep doing it until their names become linked with police arrests and court hearings. Do they mind it and just aren’t able to resist the urge? Let’s look into some of the most blatant cases.

Lindsay Lohan

1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is dead sure to take the first place in any list of miscreants, for she seems to never miss a chance to run headlong into a law suit. She used to be so young and promising in Mean Girls, but now she likes to waste her energy elsewhere with substances and booze as prime drivers. Will she cool down some day?

Lindsay Lohan

2. Charlie Sheen

There’s a man actor who can give Lohan strong competition, and that’s Charlie Sheen, another good actor who has gone wild. Judging by reports, he’s often under influence and enjoys himself beating up his wives and other women. He’s also fond of suing other people. There’s no telling what it will be when he and Lindsay Lohan will appear in Scary Movie 5…

Charlie Sheen

3. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash must have shown ‘em all that you can be a celeb and serve time in the old days, drugs were constantly getting him into hot water. He was arrested more than once and was reputed to be a regular jail bird, though he didn’t stay in for long in each case.


4. Amanda Bynes

Even Lindsay Lohan took notice how hard Amanda Bynes tries to catch up with her in terms of arrests! Is she attempting a sort of a competition for infamy? At least Bynes always seems to have excuses for her arrests, or is it just a smokescreen for becoming a really bad girl?

Amanda Bynes

5. Mathew Fox

Our celebrities are known to go on rides when under influence without giving the idea a second thought. Lost’s Mathew Fox is the latest offender. Why not take a cab and feel secure about your health?

Matthew Fox

6. OJ Simpson

Due to the Kardashian connection with the OJ Simpson case, it is spoken of now and again these days though it’s definitely stale news. His acquittal didn’t actually convince everyone, there are still people who believe that it was a miscarriage of justice. Anyway, Simpson has committed another crime and is now behind bars.


7. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is another one who is chalking up arrests, for drunk driving, hitting his ex-girlfriend, etc., giving his career a good chance to fade off. He is also prone to dishing out caustic anti-Semitic remarks, which makes another deteriorating factor for his reputation.

Mel Gibson divorce payout

8. Robert Downey, Jr

Drug abuse ain’t nothing new to Robert Downey, Jr., as well as several arrests and two terms in prison. But the actor, having sown his wild oats, ended up shaking it off and starting with a new page. If one individual can steer clear of trouble, maybe others will want to benefit from his example?


The law’s here for everybody, and though famous people may think it is fun to hit the headlines from time to time for going naughty, there are people looking up to them and expecting them to set a fine figure for us and remember them for other things than breaking the law at wish, hey, celebrities, don’t you think it’s only right?

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