8 Celebrities Who Battled Cancer

The fourth of February is the World Cancer Day, which aims to draw attention to diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The International Union Against Cancer is sure that over a million people could be saved annually, if we paid enough attention to the awareness of the illness. Here’s a list of the celebrities, who proved by their own example that cancer can be treated.

Kylie Minogue used to be together with Jean-Claud Van Damme

1. Kylie Minogue Battled Breast Cancer

In spring 2005, the Australian pop star was diagnosed with breast cancer, which is why she had to cancel her world tour. The singer’s fans, who could not attend the canceled concerts, supported Kylie in different ways: many of them transferred the returned money to the Australian funds fighting cancer, while others did not want to have the price of their tickets returned.

In early 2006, after treatment with chemotherapy and the singer’s total victory over the illness, Kylie Minogue celebrated her recovery by resuming her world tour and participating in numerous charity events, aimed at supporting other women in the fight against cancer.

2. Michael Douglas Used to Be a Throat Cancer Patient

In the August of 2010, the owner of two Oscar awards Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer. The actor himself openly declared this fact at the famous American talk show. Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones canceled their participation in film shooting and focused on fighting the disease. The actor had repeatedly said in interviews that he was going to live a long life just as his parents, and that he had no doubt in his speedy recovery.

After several months of treatment, in January 2011, the actor announced that he had overcome cancer and was ready to resume work in the near future.

3. Robert de Niro Battled Prostate Cancer

One of the greatest actors of modern cinema heard the diagnosis “prostate cancer” at a scheduled examination in October 2003. The doctors immediately promised a quick recovery to 60-year-old Robert De Niro. Besides the fact that cancer was diagnosed at an early stage, the actor was in good shape as well. Today, De Niro’s disease and cure are frequently referred to in the press as a shining example of the need of the doctors’ regular observation and consultation.

4. Sharon Osbourne Stopped Colon Cancer

TV presenter, writer, producer and wife of “great and terrible” Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon survived colon cancer. The diagnosis was announced during the filming of another season of the reality show “The Family of Osborne,” but Sharon would refuse to cancel the shooting for a long time. Later, her husband Ozzy admitted that the whole family was in deep depression because of Sharon’s illness, and their son even wanted to commit a suicide.

Sharon Osbourne

Prediction of survival is less than 40 percent, but Sharon still managed to stop the cancer. Because of the threat of the renewed disease, Sharon had her both breasts removed last November, which did not prevent from still being a successful business lady and a beloved wife.

5. Anastacia Suffered from Breast Cancer

Singer Anastacia contributed to the public breast cancer battle more than any other pop diva. After she heard the diagnosis in 2003, she stated to the media that she would not let the illness overcome her and even allowed the reporters to film her during therapy. That year also marked the release of the Anastacia album, which went platinum very quickly.

6. Dexter’s Michael C. Hall Had Hodgkin’s Disease

The star of Dexter TV series, Michael C. Hall was diagnosed with lymphogranulomatosis, or Hodgkin’s disease, – a malignant disease of the lymphoid tissue. It should be noted that when Michael was 11, his father died of cancer, so the actor accepted the disease as a challenge and was ready to fight to the end. Cancer had been diagnosed during the stage of remission, so after a few months the actor recovered completely, as it was stated by his spokesman.

7. Rod Stewart Cured Thyroid Carcinoma

British singer Rod Stewart has written a book that Western critics called “a rock biography of the decade.” Stewart told the readers about many things in the life of a rock star, including the difficult treatment of his thyroid cancer, which the doctors diagnosed in the year 2000. The surgeon removed everything he needed to remove, and thanks to that, there was no need to undergo chemotherapy, which in turn meant that Rod Stewart did not risk losing his hair. Facing the fact, Stewart admitted that in the ranking of threats posed to his career, the loss of hair would go second after the loss of voice.

However, the singer’s full recovery from the illness and surgeries lasted for months, and Stewart himself admitted that cancer had changed his attitude to life considerably.

Cynthia Nixon Engagement

8. Cynthia Nixon Had Hereditary Breast Cancer

At first, the star of “Sex and the City” Cynthia Nixon did not want to tell the media about her diagnosis of breast cancer. The actress’ mother had once suffered from the illness, too. However, after a surgery and a course of chemotherapy, completely bald Cynthia began to actively appear at social events and shows, urging women in America and around the world to go and see a mammologist more often.