12 Celebrities and Their Surprising Sizes

The prevalent belief, supported by many a slim-bod celebrity, is that all actresses, models and stage-trotters are hardly far beyond size 1. Though, if we take a closer look, it turns out there are enough celebrities with size 6 and over. Then, we should take into account that the overall looks depend on height, it’s important to know who is tall and who is small. So this information also contains heights so you can get a complete picture. Let’s compare the sizes of some of our favorites.


Adele (as sized before the baby) is 14/16 with the height of 5’9’’. According to E Online, the hitmaker said she would battle her weight only when it interferes with her health or sex, which isn’t the issue for the present.



Shorter than Adele by 2 inches, Beyonce fills size 6. She was said to have dropped 60 pounds after giving birth to a baby girl.


Christina Aguilera

Aguilera’s looks have been causing controversy for some time. The singer who is 5’1’’ is said to wear a 4. Several years ago in an interview for Billboard she said that, though Ecuadorian, she posed as a “white girl” who is blue-eyed and skinny, but had grown tired of that image.

Christina Hendricks

Hendricks has curves to show – reliable sources let on that she wears clothes from a 10 up to a 14 while standing 5’8’’, and you can make guesses as to the exact figure. You won’t catch her discussing her body. She was heard to say off-camera to a reporter that she considers it rude to be called “full-figured.”


Jennifer Aniston

On the wrong side of 40, 5’5’’-tall Aniston wears 0/2 and is looked upon as eminently fit. But being healthy and gorgeous carries a price tag: for J.Ann. it is over $140,000 a year, as Fox News informs us.


Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is already past 40 and past size 5 with her height of 5’7’’. Her singing matches her curves in popularity, and she appreciates this: the Daily Mail once mentioned her sacking a manager who told her she should slim down.


Kim Kardashian

At the height of 5’3’’ Kim Kardashian is believed to have filled up from size 4 to an 8. A source says she has gained from 15 to 20 lbs. Still, she states that she is quite happy with what she is like now on her blog – and Kanye West is apparently happy as well!


Kirstie Alley

The 50-plus-year-old actress who stands 5’7’’ is lighter by approximately 100 lbs since last year. Alley claims she wears size 4 (although in Tim Gunn’s opinion she is closer to size 10!)


Melissa McCarthy

The New York Times gives Melissa McCarthy’s figures as 5’3’’ in height and a vague over 16 in size. The actress and two-time mom opened to Good Housekeeping that now and again she wished she came down to size 6 by a stroke of magic.


Mindy Kaling

In this world Kaling measures an 8 and is 5’4’’ tall; in the perfect world she is dreaming of (and reveals to US Magazine), she wishes to be 15 pounds lighter and work out every day of the year!


Sarah Jessica Parker

At her 40-plus years Sarah Jessica Parker can boast of 3 children, the 5’3’’ height and the all-desirable size 00/0. Can we believe her when she says to People that she eats everything?


Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara, 5’7’’, is bootylicious with her curves filling size 6. According to NY Daily News, while her same-size colleagues look great in dresses, she is at her best with the dress off.


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