10 Good Celebs Who Are Meaner Than You Think

Almost all celebrities see to it that their reputation is kept as spotless as it can be. They want to come across as the pleasantest and most courteous people who are justly liked and admired. Still, a number of famous people are making it up for the sake of the public, whereas in private they can be quite nasty and mean, but they don’t want others to know that. They cheat on their partners, take husbands away from their families, get embroiled in petty conflicts and do their best to undermine a colleague’s career. Then when it all comes out, in steps a PR team that twists the whole story so that the faulty celeb looks noble but sadly misunderstood. Anyway, there are at least 10 of them who are known to be – or have been – rather unpleasant.

Angelina Jolie


We all know that Angelina Jolie is doing a great job in Africa, giving dollars by millions to charity for years and years, but that doesn’t exclude a mean streak that surfaces now and again. There might be an argument as to what is mean and what is passable, but most would agree that snatching another woman’s hubby not quite on the square. And there was some more to it, like that time in 2013 when Jolie made a move to stir up jealousy on the part of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, by checking into Aniston’s favorite hotel suite with Pitt for a few nights. Did she need that particular suite? No. It was reported at that time that she did it on purpose to provoke Aniston into jealous rage.

Ariana Grande


This woman is always trying to put on an innocent look of a totally charming thing, but sometimes the mask kinda slips off revealing a less appealing personality. Last year Grande let herself loose at a bakery where she let out a spate of vitriolic comments, going so far as hinting that she can’t stand America. How would you find the idea of assumedly expressing your hatred for the country living in which you amassed millions in your bank account? Then Grande, choosing a moment when she thought she was not seen, licked some donuts which she didn’t buy. Unfortunately for her, the CCTV cameras caught her at it – what a revolting thing to do, go licking stuff that other people would be buying? Not at all what we would like to know about our celebs.

Khloe Kardashian


Hardly anyone would be surprised to find Khloe Kardashian on the not-so-likeable celebs list. Just an example of her style of bad behavior was recently brought to the light by Snooki. At shooting Kocktails with Khloe, Khloe’s new show, the MTV celeb went back to a time she attended a party at the Kardashians’. Invited by Kim, Snooki was repulsed by Khloe in a very vulgar fashion. As Kim drew Khloe’s attention to Snooki, the latter gave her a once-over and asked what the four-letter-word she was doing there. What a way to greet guests…

Jennifer Lawrence


Once a modest newbie, Jennifer Lawrence rose in the movie industry on the crest of the great success of the Hunger Games franchise. It looks like her self-assurance is growing at the rate her career is developing. Now she can be high-faluting to other people – like that time at the Golden Globes press conference when she addressed a foreign reporter telling him rather rudely to leave his phone alone – while he was only checking his English trying to ask a correct question. Too uppish for words!

Justin Bieber


Whatever his fame and his relationship with fans, Justin Bieber has shown a number of times how unfeeling and rude he can be. Four years ago, in the middle of his Believe world tour, when the Love Yourself singer was told there were his fans crowding around his hotel in the hope of seeing him, the story runs he stepped out onto the balcony and spat down on his fans. While his ardent fans might not mind this attitude, for many people it would seem really disrespectful.

Jennifer Lopez


J-Lo can often be seen with a smile on her face, on the surface she appears a lady with a good sense of humor, yet rumors have been circulating that in private she can show her much rougher side. There are people saying that the American Idol judge is highly cantankerous, and can give hell to those working with her or servicing her. Lopez is expecting things to fall in with her wishes, and if they won’t, she grows irritated and short-tempered. According to Mariah Carey, Lopez isn’t above stealing songs from her fellow-singers, the reason why Carey detests her. That’s not a kind of reputation one would like to have, is it?

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is adept at drawing attention to herself and is never tired of posing, but on top of that she is alleged to be rather curt even with her friends. It is said that she dumped her once-best-friend Brandy for no obvious reason without giving any explanation. Kim is also given to faking pieces of her reality shows in order to play herself up. A glaring example of that is when she had her divorce scenes re-shot in an attempt to put Kim across as the sufferer while Kris Humphries’ role would be open to criticism.

Christina Aguilera


They say Christina Aguilera showed himself as scathing, quarrelsome and prone to tantrums even when she was on the bottom steps of her career. Mary J. Blige once reported of her clash with Aguilera upon seeing her rude attitude to some of her friends; she still claims the pop diva can be quite gross. Those who follow Aguilera’s news are not surprised at that, they have long got accustomed to reading up her latest tantrums in tabloids and magazines. They know that she is just not trying to be nice and friendly to others.



Rihanna is another one who can be one kind of person in public, but a completely different one when doors are shut on her. There were sources stating that the Bajan singer often behaves rudely towards other people. Moreover, she is known to pick up feuds with a string of other singers like TLC, Teyana Taylor – and her ongoing bickering with Ciara, an R&B artist. Some people would refrain from quarreling with those who are less popular than themselves, knowing they fare far better, but Rihanna doesn’t seem to mind that lesser artists come across as more polite persons.

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift has been suspected of meanness by Internet speculators long ago, and these suspicions flared as the famous artist fell out with another stage charmer, Katy Perry. It started off with some quite resolvable clash with the girls’ backup dancers, and blew up into a big thing. So big that Taylor is alleged to have told her friends in the business to ignore everything related to Perry, her performances and even events she is to attend. Too drastic for a really nice person, isn’t it?

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