10 Celebs Who Are Older Than You Think

These 10 stars look younger than we think. Someone is lucky with genetics, someone was lucky to have good plastic surgeons. It does not matter. As a result, it seems that time fails to influence them.

Gwen Stefani

Attention! This blonde beauty, a smart woman and the lead singer of No Doubt is 45 years old. Yes. We just don’t believe it.

Salma Hayek

If you were shocked by Gwen Stefani’s age, you’d better sit down because Mrs. Hayek is 48 years. She is still pretty good, isn’t she?

Alyson Hannigan

We first fell in love with Alison in the 1990’s, when we saw her in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and then in “How I Met Your Mother.” Let us unveil the truth immediately – in fact, she is 41.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston seems to have signed some sort of a deal with the devil. The actress does not change at all. Even the hair is the same as in the first episode of the “Friends.” But time cannot be fooled. She is 46 years old now.

Jim Parsons

You probably agree that the actor, who has embodied the image of legendary Dr. Sheldon Cooper, looks 27 years old. Well, maybe 30. In fact, he is 42 years old. Believe it or not!

Elijah Wood

Cute Hobbit Frodo Baggins of the Shire is 34 years old. Go ahead and google it, if you do not believe us.

Halle Berry

Cheerful and beautiful Halle Berry is 48 years old. Everyone would like to have such genes!

Rachel McAdams

This Canadian actress has impressed the audience and critics by playing in “The Notebook.” She was 25 then. And now she is 36 years old, but she is still talented and charming.

Keanu Reeves

The most secretive and kindest actor in the world is 50 years old. He seems to have spent about 20 years in a lethargic sleep because his half-century age is truly unexpected.

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