5 Worst Beauty Tips Ever

Girls can come up with the most unexpected ideas! Sticky tape against wrinkles or vacuum cleaner against cellulite… Every month this piggy bank of ideas is updated with various “novelties.” Do you want to know the 5 most recent tips that are useless and even harmful? Go ahead and read.


Harmful tip № 1. Hairspray reduces pores

Some people use hair spray to secure makeup, but some also believe that this product clogs skin pores and even reduces their size.

Do not try to do the same, or 5 most terrible beauty tips from the Internet

Unfortunately, hairspray is unable to do this, and you’d better not try to. Almost all hair styling products are not suitable for the skin, as they contain ingredients irritating and clogging pores. Hairspray has a large concentration of alcohol, which has a detrimental effect on the skin.

Do you want to shrink pores? Buy a high-quality product with a good reputation (gel cleanser, primer, facial mask).

Harmful tip № 2. Cutting eyelashes

This method was taken from a 19th century book and was referred to as “Circassian” (The Toilette Of Health, Beauty, And Fashion, 1834). The girls who wanted to grow long and thick eyelashes were advised to trim eyelash tips. After that, eyelashes were to grow faster and thicker.

Bloggers learnt about this method and started rattling to each other (and to their readers) about how great it is! “After all, hair grows faster and becomes thicker as you cut the split ends”, they argued. Well, fortunately, the tip from the book assumed that you just cut half a millimeter (“a dot-length segment”).

However, even cutting off quite a bit, you cannot provoke the growth of a new eyelash. Only hair root strengthening boosts rapid growth and prevents hair loss.

Harmful tip № 3. Curl eyelashes and apply an eye liner simultaneously

Some girls say they save pretty much time by using this method. They apply some eyeliner on the eyelash curler and, when they curl lashes, the line goes directly on the eyelids, at the base of the eyelashes.

It sounds great, but in fact, it does not work. The eyeliner will never be applied smoothly – in most cases it remains on the curler or makes your eyelids dirty. It does not save time because you will need to clean the curler thoroughly after each use.

It is better to do everything properly: first, the eyeliner, and then curling.

Harmful tip № 4. Mouthwash against acne

The logics of this tip are as follows: mouthwashes contain alcohol, and its drying effect may be useful against acne. In addition, antibacterial agents in mouthwash products help to prevent bacterial growth.

However, you should take into account the fact that mouthwashes contain ingredients that are not desirable to be left on the skin surface for the risk of irritation and excessive dryness. Besides, very concentrated flavorings damage sensitive skin.

Nevertheless you can pay tribute to the girls’ ingenuity: they say mouthwashes are produced for the mouth, and thus can potentially get in the esophagus, so their formula is not that harmful to the skin and mucous membranes.

Harmful tip № 5. Cat litter mask

You wonder how it could occur to someone. It is very simple. Bentonite clay is one of the main ingredients of cat litter. The same clay is often a part of facial masks. So, women bloggers decided it was the same thing.

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