10 Celebrity Diets Analyzed

Lots of people diet for their entire life, while others allow themselves small pleasures. Someone chooses express diets before an important event, while others turn to cosmetologists and sometimes even surgeons. With the help of doctors the editors of Geniusbeauty.com have analyzed 10 different strict celebrity diets. Read further to find out, which ones were not worth experimenting.

1. Victoria Beckham’s 400 Calories Diet

Hollywood stars believe that all methods are good in the pursuit of a slim figure. Thus Angelina Jolie, Linda Evangelista, Victoria Beckham and many other beautiful celebrities have lost a lot of kilograms in a short period of time.

The essence of the diet is eating no more than 400 calories a day. It is a very risky and dangerous diet, but the stars are ready for everything to get the best projects and roles.

Expert opinion

The point of this diet is that it is commercial because you need to count calories in your portions according to the book that can only be bought on the Internet. In addition, this diet even allows eating harmful fast food. But the worst thing is that at the end of this diet the weight comes back as fast as it is lost.

2. Beverly Hills Diet


Some of the most famous followers of this diet include Jodie Foster and Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver. The essence of the diet is to eat only fruit during the first 10 days and then gradually introduce proteins and carbohydrates without mixing them.

As a result, you can lose up to 8 kg per month; however, you will be accompanied by indigestion and diarrhea.

Expert opinion

10-day consumption of fruit is contraindicated for people with the diseases of the duodenum or with gastritis. This diet threatens with protein deficiency, muscle atrophy, increased acidity in the stomach, and lack of vitamin B12.

The body must contain enough water to avoid dehydration. In addition, one should eat steamed, boiled, or baked fruit rather than raw fruit. In addition, you must eat different kinds of fruit. However, it is best to diet drinking water – it will be safer.

3. Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet

We have told about this diet, but it’s really worthy of attention! For the role in the film Dreamgirls, our heroine took drastic measures. The point of the diet is as follows: the only thing that your diet includes is one and a half liters of lemonade made from mineral water, lemon juice, maple syrup, sugar and a pinch of red cayenne pepper.

It should be enough for a day. You also need to drink laxative tea in the morning and at night, and if it gets really bad, you can eat ground celery soup. According to rumors, the singer kept to this brutal diet for 30 days and was able to lose 10 kilograms a week. It is frightening to think what happens to the body during this rigid diet!

Expert opinion

Numerous studies do not let us recommend this method for the treatment of obesity. Prolonged starvation leads to changes associated with impaired liver function and loss of proteins by different organs.

Gradual weight loss achieved due to complex treatment (low-calorie diets, adherence to diet, physical exercises), rather than prolonged dieting or excluding protein and fiber of various types from the diet, is much more reliable and safer for your health.

4. Claudia Schiffer’s Diet

The well-known model chose a mineral diet. The essence of this diet is that during the day a woman is allowed to eat one boiled egg, a small serving of fruit or vegetables, which do not contain carbohydrates, and tea without sugar.

The name of the diet comes from the fact that mineral water can be drunk in unlimited quantities. Dubious fun.

Expert opinion

This diet leads to quick results. It is perfect for the case when you have just a few days to lose weight and try your favorite dress or jeans on.

But be prepared for the fact that as soon as you stop dieting, your kilos will return to the same extent (if you return to the usual diet without limiting the intake of fats and carbohydrates).

So the question arises: whether you should torture your body like this. After all, this diet is not a limitation of food for a certain period. It’s a way of life.

5. Jennifer Aniston’s Coconut Diet

The actress says the secret of her slimness is in fat. The essence of the diet is to include coconut and butter, egg yolks, fatty meat, and even pork fat and fatty fish. Of course, sport is also important as the key to Jennifer’s figure. More fat in food, less on the belly? A little strange logic.

Expert opinion

This diet is a real danger to life. It provokes the formation of gallstones, as well as the diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

Fruits and vegetables should never be excluded from the diet, as they are a source of vitamins and fiber, which makes the stomach work. In this regard, one needs to take multivitamins.

6. Madonna’s Diet

In contrast to other stars’ austere measures, this rapid diet is designed for two days. The essence of the diet is that during the day you can eat two grapefruits and two chicken eggs in halves, at one-hour-long intervals. According to the singer, you can lose a few kilos in a matter of just two days.

Expert opinion

The essence of this diet is to cook everything without sugar, fat, and flour. The daily rate in this case is 800-1000 calories. This diet is rich in vitamins and well-balanced. Another plus is that during this diet you will not feel discomfort. It may be difficult not to eat after 7 pm, so it is possible to drink a cup of yogurt.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Frozen Diet

The actress has never suffered from excess weight, but she sometimes lives according to her “diet regime”. The essence of the diet is to eat ice cream or frozen fruits and vegetables every hour or two during the day. The idea is simple: food with low temperature speeds up the metabolism.

Expert opinion

Eating frozen foods (vegetables or low-fat meat), Sarah drinks ice tea for breakfast and eats every 1.5-2 hours. During lunch, her dishes are not served cold: all the food products are prepared in the oven or boiled. In this case, the main thing is endurance training and strength exercises for all muscle groups.

You can even afford to eat ice cream (without wafer). This is much better than drinking fruit ice, which contains about 8 pieces of sugar.

The most interesting thing is that this diet is followed by many people, who do not even know about it. In addition, a great advantage of this diet is that lost kilos do not come back.

8. Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Diet

The actress has decided to lose weight with the help of baby’s food. The essence of the diet is that this food is neither sweet, nor salty; it is 100% useful and quite varied. But the amount of nutrients is not suitable for an adult.

Expert opinion

For the actress, who recently gave birth, eating baby’s food is a great time-saver because she does not need to cook it. Furthermore, puree does not contain harmful salts. The downside is that such food cannot be called delicious.

Before you decide to keep to such a diet, you should consult with your doctor. It cannot be used by people with anemia, as well as with the problems of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it is recommended for not more than a week twice a year.

However, it is better to cook puree soup using fresh vegetables. It will be much tastier and you will immediately appreciate the taste of the soup and your body’s quick response. Even if the useful ingredients are ground to puree, they are quickly removed from the body, not staying anywhere, because they do not contain fiber that forces the stomach and intestines to work. So the benefits of such food are dubious; besides, you’ll soon feel hungry again.

9. Paris Hilton’s Diet

Why Paris needs to diet is still a question. The celebrity has always been distinguished for her thinness. The cruel diet begins as soon as Hilton has an idea in her head that she has gained a couple of extra kilos. The essence of the diet is complete rejection of food. During the day, the girl consumes only water and energy drinks. One can have ulcers this way!

Expert opinion

Such cleaning of the body with distilled or boiled water without sugar and additives can be useful once a week and just 3-4 days per month. This diet should be observed from breakfast to breakfast (or from dinner to dinner). It is strictly forbidden to use energy drinks, which contain a lot of sugar and taurine (diuretic).

After all, they are rapidly absorbed in the stomach and provoke the exacerbation of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as gastritis and ulcers. Here the following question arises: is it worth risking your health? It is best to leave just water and make the next three days following the diet “juice days.” The recommended rate of liquid intake is 1.5 liters per day.

10. Uma Thurman’s Sweet Diet

This celebrity has the most unusual diet. Thurman is very fond of sweets and cannot live a day without sweet snacks. Therefore, the essence of the diet is ice cream, chocolate, puddings, and nothing else.

According to rumors, this is the diet that helped the actress to get rid of extra kilos before the shooting of the film “Kill Bill.” Fruit ice, bitter chocolate and fat-free pudding for five days – and the goal is achieved. A controversial diet.

Expert opinion

This diet is also used to treat kidney diseases in children. It means the 30-30-50 ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. In this case, carbohydrates are not taken after 6 pm.

Plus physical exercises. Thus, taking into account the actress’ physical shape and her asthenic body type, it can be said that she uses this diet to advantage. Just do not forget that after using large amounts of sugar you are likely to have skin problems.

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