10 Beautiful Celebrities' Faces Measured by Golden Ratio

If you think Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world, we will disappoint you. The actress has earned a little more than seven points on a 10-point scale of attractiveness. It turns out that the beauty does not imply model looks but is a complex geometric calculation. The assistant professor of biostatistics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center developed a formula for measuring the parameters of celebrities’ appearance, and she evaluated them accordingly.

Angeline Jolie director and scriptwriter

Are Models Beautiful?

We often talk about the changing standards of beauty, guided by the images of models, shining on the catwalks and in fashion brands’ advertisements. But Dr. Kendra Schmidt believes personal opinion or taste is not enough to assess beauty. To understand if the face is beautiful or not, you will have to recollect school lessons in Geometry and Maths.

Dr. Kendra Schmidt’s Beauty Indicators Scale

According to Dr. Kendra Schmidt, there are 29 points on the face that can help us conclude how beautiful the person is just by analyzing their location.


For example, Lena Dunham (scriptwriter and star of The Girls) bears little resemblance to the typical Hollywood beauties. But from the point of view of science, she is more interesting than the traditional Hollywood beauties, such as Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift. Ryan Gosling is ranked higher than Jolie, although 7.31 points out of ten would not be enough for this insidious handsome man.

Beautiful Face Proportions: Golden Ratio Equating

Long before Dr. Kendra, Leonardo da Vinci calculated the proportions of a perfectly beautiful face. He painted real masterpieces according to his theory of the “golden section”, and their characters are still considered the icons of beauty. Kendra also uses this theory in her calculations:

Face Beauty Criteria

People are beautiful if the length of their face is exactly one and a half times bigger than its width. The symmetry of the face is another important criterion of absolute beauty.

Are You a Beauty?

Another way to know if you are a beauty is to measure the three areas of your face. First, you should measure the distance from the hairline on the forehead to the central point between the eyes; secondly you should measure the distance from the same point to the tip of your nose, and finally, from the tip of the nose to the chin. If all the three numbers are equal, you have a chance to be called beautiful. Dr. Schmidt measures even the ears to reach the final verdict. Ear length should be equal to the length of the nose. If all the parameters coincide, you can surely say you are irresistible.


Other Beauty Criteria

These are not all the criteria that Dr. Schmidt is guided by. The width and fullness of lips, eyebrows bend angle, the distance between the eyes and many other parameters are taken into account when evaluating the standards of beauty.

By the way, someone will be upset, and someone, on the contrary, will feel relieved: no one was given ten points for being beautiful. We are not sure if this means that there are no perfect people. In the meantime, let us see what points Kendra gave to the Hollywood stars.

10 Celebrities’ Beauty Points List: Who’s Hot?

  1. Beyonce Knowles – 7.28
  2. John Mayer – 6.42
  3. Kate Upton – 7.46
  4. Lena Dunham – 6.82
  5. Miley Cyrus – 7.36
  6. George Clooney – 6.77
  7. Angelina Jolie – 7.13
  8. Ryan Gosling – 7.3
  9. Ben Affleck – 6.55
  10. Brad Pitt – 9.67

Brad Pitt Face
By the way, we agree that Brad Pitt deserves 9.66 out of possible ten points. And whom would you give ten?

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