10 Smart Makeup Tips to Look Natural

Cosmetics and makeup, this essential part of our daily life, can be endless experimenting fun, helping you acquire new looks and find exciting versions of yourself – but there are rules you just can’t get round if you don’t want your face to look a disaster. Makeup is an art, and there are basic things you must always bear in mind. Here’s a list of the most important ones.

Woman with Makeup

1. Use A Little Makeup

You will definitely look better when made up only a little than if you neglected to apply makeup at all. There are usually some imperfections and discolorations to be disguised, so your skin will look far better with a little foundation – it will also be healthier. Touch your eyes a little, and you will enhance the effect greatly. Just do it for smoothness and highlighting. Actually, professional women are expected to be a little made up, although it is not accentuated.

2. Stop Before It’s Too Much

When you apply a little makeup, stop in good time and avoid overdoing, you can spoil the effect easily with a little too much makeup.

3. Highlight Only One Part of Your Face

No matter how much makeup it is going to be, don’t highlight all your features. If it’s your lips, go easy on your eyes and cheeks, choosing a neutral shade that will set off your highlighted feature to an advantage. When you try to enhance everything you will end up looking clownish.

4. Blend Well

Always blend your makeup in to avoid the mask-like appearance. Unblended and unshaded, the foundation will look very artificial. The foundation should disappear into your hairline, neck, and ears. Use several shades to blend the foundation in smoothly.

5. Apply Correct Foundation Color

When choosing the foundation color, mind it matches your skin hue. Whatever is your tone, from porcelain to golden or brownish, the foundation is supposed to create an effect of a smooth matte finish which should not be greatly different from your natural skin tone.

6. Eyebrow Enhancement Tips

Mind that if you apply eye color up to the very eyebrow it will create a heavily unnatural effect (even if you chose light shades!). If you want to achieve this kind of look, improve on it by applying a skin tone eye shadow above the lid crease and under the brow line.

7. Eye Makeup

Generally, your eyeshadow palette will contain three shades of the same color or different colors. The darkest shade should go along the crease in a line; apply the lightest shade above the line, and finally, the medium shade under the brow. Blend them well. You can also try using the darker shade on the outer corners of the eyes to see if it suits you or you like the effect.

8. How to Use the Lip Liner and Eye Liner

Drawing on the makeup is not a good idea. When you’re working with an eye liner or lip liner, avoid applying lines that are too thick or too dark. You lines should be thin and well-blended into the whole. There are women who never apply the liner without smudging it.

9. Never Shave the Brows

Another unworthy idea is to shave off the eyebrows so you can draw them – eyebrows are too integrated into the entire face for that. Play with their shape, pluck them to create a more graceful arch; they usually look nicer when thicker by the nose bridge and thinning towards the temples. Also, make sure they begin and end right above the corners of the eyes.

10. Change Colors

Better not stick with the same color scheme – color allows a large field for experimenting, why not avail yourself of it? You may find your face takes on a new expression with an unaccustomed scheme. It goes for shades too: have you tried a mixture of blue and silver, blue and brown, purple and gold? You may find some quite horrible combinations on the way, but don’t let it deter you from trying on.

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