17 Most Awesome Restaurants & Bars on Earth

In this review, we have selected places that every traveler should pay a visit to. Being at one of them is like being in a fairy-tale. This will be remembered until your last day. Meanwhile, let us have a look at the photos.


1. Grotta Palazzese, Italy

1worldsamazingrestaurantsThe Grotta Palazzese is a restaurant located in a vaulted limestone cave, which offers fantastic views of the Adriatic Sea. It is considered one of the most romantic places on the planet. Guests get the opportunity to enjoy various dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine at an altitude of 25 meters above sea level. In the meantime, you can listen to the enchanting sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks.

2. Northern Lights Bar, Iceland

2worldsamazingrestaurantsNorthern Lights Bar is located in a remote area and is a comfortable place to contemplate this amazing natural phenomenon. The panoramic bar offers magnificent views of the mountains and the moss-covered lava fields.

3. 3842, France

3worldsamazingrestaurantsThe cozy restaurant called 3842 is located on top of mountain Aiguille du Midi. The name corresponds to the height at which it is located. From the huge windows you can relish stunning views of the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.

4. Truth Coffee, South Africa

4worldsamazingrestaurantsIt is an atmospheric coffee house where you can enjoy delicious coffee or just use free Wi-Fi – it is a favorite place of the local IT people. A distinctive feature of «Truth Coffee» is its unique interior design in steampunk style with rough metal and wooden furniture, and plenty of industrial-style decor.

5. «Ali Barbour’s», Kenya

5worldsamazingrestaurantsA cozy restaurant in a natural cave on the coast near Mombasa. The creators of the restaurant left the cave in its original form, only equipped it with lighting and leveled the floor. The restaurant opens in the evening and offers a variety of fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

6. “The Green Dragon”, New Zealand

6worldsamazingrestaurantsAccording to its founders, it is a place where you can have a drink, chat with friends and rest your hairy legs. The interior of the pub is atmospheric and cozy. Wooden trimming, furniture made of natural materials and an abundance of huge barrels make this place stylish, unique and very attractive for all fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

7. A restaurant in the water, Bora Bora

7worldsamazingrestaurantsThe tables at this unique institution are located by and directly in the water so that you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the comfort of the warm clear waters of the lagoon.

8. The Rock, Zanzibar

8worldsamazingrestaurantsA romantic place where you can enjoy the delicious seafood and wonderful nature of Tanzania in the silence. The restaurant is on top of a small cliff in the Indian Ocean. The interior, like the exterior, is made of natural materials, and there is nothing extra in it: a staircase made of boards, walls of mud, a thatch roof and worn wooden furniture – all of it harmoniously matches the landscape of the area.

9. HR Giger Bar, Switzerland

9worldsamazingrestaurantsIn the Swiss town of Gruyere, there is an atmospheric bar, which is located at the Hans Rudolf Giger museum. Its walls are constructed of hundreds of twisted spines and protruding embryos, the chairs look like xenomprphs, and the floor is like a board of a huge spacecraft.

10. El Diablo, Spain

10worldsamazingrestaurantsA unique restaurant located on the mountain slopes of Lanzarote island, where visitors are offered food cooked directly over the volcano.

11. CuliAir, Netherlands

11worldsamazingrestaurantsVisitors are offered a unique opportunity to enjoy gourmet cuisine while admiring the beauty of the Netherlands from a bird’s-eye perspective.

12. Yellow Treehouse, Auckland, New Zeland

12worldsamazingrestaurantsThe unique facility was built in the woods, around the trunk of a massive mammoth tree, 12 meters above the ground. Its interesting wooden construction allows guests to enjoy the stunning scenery of the forest freely. It is designed for eighteen visitors.

13. Le Bistrot de Remy, Paris, France

13worldsamazingrestaurantsAn amazing restaurant at Disneyland Paris based on the Ratatouille cartoon about the adventures of a mouse-chef. The restaurant is full of theme decorations and is part of the Ratatouille attraction. The cartoon fans will not only enjoy the masterpieces of haute cuisine, but will also have much fun.

14. Tsavo Lion Restaurant, Bali, Indonesia

14worldsamazingrestaurantsA small restaurant, where visitors are offered not only to try different cuisines of the world, but also to communicate with the tigers and lions that roam freely outside of the glass walls of the restaurant.

15. Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

15worldsamazingrestaurantsA restaurant platform, which offers guests a lunch at a height of fifty meters above the ground. The place has no permanent location; it is chosen by the customer. The “interior” of the place is a platform with a huge table, seating and seat belts.

16. Walter’s Coffee Roastery, Istanbul, Turkey

16worldsamazingrestaurantsAn interesting café based on the Breaking Bad TV series. The interior of the institution resembles a lab, the waiters are dressed in yellow protective suits and respirators, and guests are offered pastries sprinkled with blue powder. You can also watch the fascinating process of coffee making.

17. Alcatraz, Tokyo, Japan

17worldsamazingrestaurantsThis theme restaurant offers visitors to experience all the “amenities” of the life in prison. At the entrance, all visitors are fingerprinted and escorted into a cell where their table is. Also, all guests can try on prisoner overalls and handcuffs.

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