Why You Should Add HIIT to your Workout

Do you have some stubborn extra pounds that you are desperate to lose? Or maybe you are just at the start of your weight loss journey and are looking to find the most effective ways to lose weight? No matter where you are in your weight loss/ health and fitness journey, everyone can massively benefit from incorporating HIIT workouts into their fitness routine. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and this craze is practiced by many gym goers. With this type of workout, you will be incorporating both high-intensity and low-intensity workouts together over a short space of time. If you are unsure of whether or not HIIT is the right option for you, make sure you read on to find out all of the fantastic benefits that you will gain from this type of workout and how you can easily incorporate it.

It’s A Time Saver

We all lead busy, hectic lives between looking after the kids and going to work, so, the last thing that many of us want to do is the go and spend an hour in the gym. However, this is where HIIT workouts come in! HIIT can be a huge time saver and the longest workout that you will do is just 30 minutes. During this time, you can burn just as many calories as you would doing an hour of moderate cardio. When pressed for time, this is the perfect workout that allows you to establish a good workout schedule without feeling that you are overworking yourself and packing too much into your already tight schedule. If you can do a HIIT workout from home, this will save you even more time as you are cutting out the travelling time! What we love about HIIT is that you really can do it anywhere. Why not invest in a Bowflex Max Trainer machine which is perfect for HIIT workouts and will work both your upper and lower body muscles. AllWorkoutRoutines reviewed it here, so make sure you check out all its great benefits before making a purchase.

HIIT Improves Your Metabolism

One of the biggest reasons why you will want to incorporate HIIT into your workout is because this type of workout boosts your metabolism! When you are regularly incorporating it into your day, it will increase your physical energy and because it stimulates human growth hormones, you can enjoy a boosted metabolism. Speeding up your metabolism is one of the easiest ways to burn extra calories, so make sure you are actively trying to do this through HIIT.

Enjoy the Great Health Benefits

While HIIT is great for losing weight, it is the amazing health benefits from it that will ultimately convince you to incorporate it into your routine. Strength training is great for building muscle mass, however, HIIT will give you benefits on a cellular level. When you are doing physical activity, this will reduce inflammation in your body and improve your heart health. This is essentially the key to helping you stay young beyond your years!

Retain Muscle and Burn Fat

If you have been focussing a lot on strength training, HIIT is the perfect cardio to include that will help you to lose fat but retain your muscle. What gym goers love about HIIT is that it not only does it not eat away at your muscles, it can actually promote muscle growth! When in post-workout recovery, you will continue to burn calories as your muscles are being repaired. This is still the case even if you are just exercising for a short period of time.

Challenge Yourself

It is easy to get really bored on your fitness journey when you are repeatedly doing the same workouts over and over again. What’s more, your body can become accustomed to repeated workouts and they may not be as effective as they once were. So, why not switch things up by incorporating HIIT into your training regime? This high-intensity style workout is a real challenge as you will be working extremely hard for the duration of the workout. This type of challenge will test your athletic ability and it is a great way to see your results paying off. With this workout, you won’t even have a second to contemplate being bored!

Get Results Quick

Finally, we recommend HIIT workouts as you will be able to see your progress very quickly. When you see progress and change happening, this will only drive you further towards achieving your health and fitness goals and will ensure that you stay on the right path towards success. HIIT helps you to lose weight fast and so you can enjoy seeing changes in a very short space of time.

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