Weird Things Women Do in the Yoga Class

The concentration and relaxation that yoga supplies come in helpful; but whatever the concentration, there will always be these small drop-outs that are so purely feminine. Do you recognize these petty instants of anti-namaste behavior?


Changing into another set of clothes because you decided that you don’t look cute enough today

Now that athleisure is so heavily in, you can’t afford not to look your best on the mat.

Rearranging your hair again and again trying to achieve that appealing casual effect

You are always out for creating the marvelous effect when your hair is messy and yet put together at the same time; it’s not so easy!

Taking a good look at other women when you have a chance to assess their outfits

So, you can’t help squinting to the sides and wondering what pieces may look great on you. How many ideas have you picked at your yoga classes when you were supposed to be focusing?

Keeping anger in check when the lady next to you intrudes on your mat space

You have something to say about it when the woman keeps encroaching on your personal territory – but you have to stay mum.

Checking out on your pedicure as you fold forward

You even forget that you are doing your calves and hips a service while you are contemplating unfavorably the way your toe nails look.

Feeling low if your yoga teacher didn’t praise your performance today

You strained hard to assume this position, and she didn’t even seem to notice. The realization of a failure weighs you down.

Wearing your staple clothing for the practice again

Yes, you’ve fallen into a rut with these items that you believe are comfortable and becoming.

Taking an unobtrusive sniff at your armpits as you raise your arms

It’s a temptation no-one who is human can resist.

Pulling out one wedgie when doing a seated spinal twist

It comes as something almost natural.

Disguising your farting by squeaking your foot against the mat

Well, it’s the best you can do on the spur of the moment which has a chance to succeed.

Pretending that you broke the asana intentionally and not because you were no longer able to maintain it

You need a little bit of additional stretching to make it right!

Failing completely to stifle an outbreak of laughter when your teacher says something weird

Yes, their mentality is sooo outlandish at times…

Feeling huffed that your splits are not the deepest

You really deserve it after so much trying – the world is too unjust…

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