DIY Temporary Tooth Filling Dangerous

Experts talk about the alarming increase in the demand for teeth self-treatment. The Internet witnesses a boom of selling do-it-yourself sets for tooth fillings, but the fans of saving on their health will have to pay a huge price.


A recent study conducted in the UK showed that one in five people in this country attempted to remove a tooth rather than went to a professional dentist. Almost half of Britons have not visited a dentist for two years, and many prefer to carry out quite complex and risky dental procedures on their own.

And it’s not only about the removal of milk teeth with a thread tied to the door, but the installation of fillings as well. Special sets for do-it-yourself tooth fillings are even sold in the Internet. For most people, buying these sets is an attempt to save money on the services of a professional dentist.

According to the head of the British Dental Health Foundation Nigel Carter, home treatment of teeth is not only meaningless, but also dangerous to health. In the vast majority of cases, proponents of DIY fillings make a simple problem much more complex. They want to save money, but as a result they seek more invasive and expensive treatments. Before filling teeth, any dentist performs special manipulations that cannot be done on your own, having no experience. Without them, your filling will harm the tooth. It is not advisable to buy the above mentioned sets, if the purpose of their purchase is the desire to save a couple of hundred pounds.

British newspapers are full of stories about the patients who are trying to engage in DIY fillings causing great harm to the mouth. They are faced with severe pain, they mutilate their own teeth, and as a result, they are forced to spend many thousands on the corrective surgery, which lasts a very long time.

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