How to Force Yourself to Go in for Sports

If you hate sports and exercises, there are still ways of enjoying them!

Everyone has ever met this problem. You do understand that sport is very important, you do want to look fit and beautiful, but you do not go in for sport, just because you don’t have enough will-power. At times you get this energy which gives you the force to make exercises. You wake up earlier for jogging. Once. You feel pleased you did this, you feel every muscle of your body. The next day you have such a strong myalgia that there’s no will to do it again. Surely you may even do it the whole week every day, but there will come the day when you stop. Why? Because you don’t like it.
Two Women Training

It’s always better to chose a sport kind as a child and to go in for it the whole life, because, first, what we do and like in the childhood will as a rule attract us when we are adults and, second, our habits should be formed in childhood. But unfortunately not everyone and even not every second has this sport habit and it’s really difficult to start as an adult and organize yourself again. That’s why we will speak here about forcing oneself.

There are different ways to force yourself to go in for sport which people use.

    1. One of them is to buy a season ticket at a gym. The fact that people paid should make them use what they paid for. Normally you will love the gym and attend it systematically the first two months. You feel you’ll be engaged there for the rest of your life. But NOT! Later it starts to bore you. You miss the paid days, you tell yourself “not today, maybe tomorrow”, you can even feel your body is becoming less fit, you become pangs of conscience, but you don’t attend the gym, maybe only once a week (or rarer?). And there are many who gave up after four-five months although they paid for half a year. The gym managers can call you, but you won’t go there anymore. Why? Because you don’t like it.
    2. One more method is to chose something you can use somewhere else. For example, dancing. The skills you get there can be used at the disco, friend’s parties or you could even perform a private dance for your sweetheart, depending on what kind of dance course you choose. You will have fun and enjoy it.
    3. Another way is to do it with someone. Take a friend, choose a dance course or a gym and go there. It really disciplines you, ifhow-to-force-yourself-to-go-in-for-sports you’re not alone and if you agree to do it only together. So, if you don’t train today, your friend will neither do, and vice versa, and this can force one, because in this case you take responsibility not only for your fit body and good health, but also for your friend’s. By the way, it’s a good reason to meet and chat. You can also decide for twosome with your husband, boyfriend or someone you like – it would be a good way to become closer.

Two Girls Exercise Together

  1. If you can’t afford gym or dance courses at the moment, there’s another method. Do bodily exercises at home: before going to bed, during TV watching, strain your muscles during food preparation and so on. What should force you not to relax at home but train? Look at this woman. She’s really beautiful and fit, she attract one’s eye.
    Beautiful Woman on the Beach
    It is summer now and we all wear less stuff. How much could you show? Arms? Legs? Belly? Just think would you like to sit near such a woman at the tube and differ from her? Or would you like your beloved to see this difference? I don’t mean here to cultivate any inferiority complexes, surely most of such pictures are the Photoshop products, but people like them and you can also look like people like. If you still can’t make yourself train at home, there also exist exercises for pairs. If you’re married or live with a boyfriend, it’s for you.

So, the better way to force yourself is to find what really suits you and not to be alone in sport. We all need positive emotions, delight, enjoyment, so before you do something against your will this is all pleasure. Chose the way you like most and you will be fit, pretty, nice, beautiful, attractive…whatever. Why? Because you like it!

There are ways of enjoying sports even if you hate it.

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