Office Exercises


Office LifeHow come office workers are prone to be overweight? It turns out, that the reason for this is more complicated that mere lack of movements. Glucose is the energy source for our brain cells. Blood glucose levels drop more significantly under heavy brainwork than under physical work. We feel hunger when we are short in glucose, as this way the organism tries to replenish glucose levels. Thus, when we spend a lot of time in front of our computer we tend to spend less calories, but eat more food, therefore we consume more than we spend. This is the main reason why mental work results in excess weight.

How Office Workers Can Stay Fit

However, there is a solution – we need to carefully control our food consumption (considering the false hunger described above) and never forget about physical activities. Here are some interesting exercises. Those can be easily done at the office, regardless of what you wear, be it a skirt, dress or pants. The exercises concentrate on leg and buttocks muscles, make you work with your back, abs, and chest.

Exercise for Abs and Back

Stand next to a wall or a closet such that your back is leaned against it. Squat and stay in this position as long as you can. Do not lean forward. Keep your back straight by using your abs and back muscles. In a couple seconds you will feel your leg muscles at work. Relax and do another couple of sets of the same exercise.

Take mini-walks from time to time, move while on the phone, climb stairs and park further and walk to add some physical activity to your office day.

Wall Push-ups

Next, turn around such that you are facing the same wall and lean on the wall with your hands. You will be doing push-ups and work on your upper body. Your feet need to be as far from the wall such that when you bend you arms and lower yourself to the wall there should be a 45 degree angle between your body and the wall. Wall push-ups is the simplest version of push-ups, thus you need to increase the number of repetitions to 50. If you feel like making the exercise a little bit more complicated, then you can do push-ups on one hand keeping the other one behind your back.

Snack Tip for a Better Result

This small workout will make your office day less monotone and will boost your mood as well. Furthermore, make sure to take an apple, pear, yogurt, or juice instead of cookies and coffee for your snack.
Have a great day at work!