How to Choose Hula Hoop & Get a Thin Waist?

Hula hoops can really help make the waist thinner. How to choose a hoop?


First hoops

Despite its modern name, which comes from two components – hoop and hula (a Hawaiian dance where you move your hips energetically), the hoop was invented long ago. Historical facts confirm that the hoop existed in ancient Egypt. However, it gained popularity in 1958, after the American Wham-O company launched its production.

To increase the sales of their new invention, all members of the company took the hoop for weight loss with them on business trips.

The unusual object certainly attracted attention. The employees of the company told their fellow travelers about the purpose of the hoop. As the problem of excess weight has been urgent at all times, many started looking for the weight loss hoop. That kind of advertising increased the company’s income by several times.

How to choose?

Today, the choice is not just about whether to take a usual classic or a weighted hula hoop, but also how to deal with different “twists”. Modern models can get you confused: there are hula hoops with massage elements, magnetic beads, detachable and flexible, with a calorie counter, weighing 1.5 to 3 kg.

How to choose a hoop that completely fits your needs? We will try to answer some questions.

Which hula hoop is better for weight loss – light or heavy?

Many believe that the heavier the hoop is – the better. This is not entirely correct. Experts say that a weighted hoop is as effective as the usual one, but they work slightly differently.

Better choose a light hula hoop. In order to rotate it, you will spend more energy and burn more calories.

To rotate a heavy hula hoop, you need less energy, but its effect for waist is a lot better (apart from the terrible bruises at first classes) than that of a classic hoop. Using a weighted hoop, you can see how tense the abdominal muscles get to keep it at the waist.

So if you are looking for a hula hoop for waist, choose weighted models, and if you want to lose weight, choose the classic one.

What should an effective hula hoop be like?

The main tasks to be performed by a weighted hoop:

Thermal effect that promotes fat burning;
Physical load on the abs and waist.

We would advise to choose a hula hoop weighing not less than 2.5 kg (5,5 lb). Nevertheless, you will get bruises from both light and heavy ones. To prevent them, put on a sweater for the first workout – when the body gradually gets used to the shock, then you can wear a T-shirt.

If we talk about all sorts of beads, magnets, and other add-ons, they will only be useful. That’s what developers promise:
Massage elements massage internal organs, “crush” the adipose tissue, train the muscles. This contributes to the improved functioning of the internal organs, in particular the intestines, and blood circulation;
Magnetic beads generate a magnetic field that enhances blood circulation and supplies the organs with oxygen;
A hula hoop with calorie counter is very convenient because it counts how many calories per workout you burn. It is a good motivator because you see the result of your effort at once;
Collapsible ones are comfortable for their mobility. They are easy to carry with you on a trip;

Contraindications to hula hooping

Before you pick a hula hoop for weight loss, be sure to read the contraindications.

You must not use the hula hoop if you have severe gynecological diseases (myoma, bending of the uterus). It is contraindicated to hula hoop during pregnancy, menstruation, with certain diseases of the spine and internal organs. Treat your health carefully, choosing the proper form of physical activity.

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