Foam Roller Exercises

Massage rollers that are made of thick foam will not last for a long time, though they are the least expensive. Over time, they lose their shape, and their functional properties are reduced. They are recommended for beginners with a low threshold of pain, who just want to try this type of massage.


A more expensive option has a harder plastic base, which significantly increases the service life of the roller. It prevents the foam from deforming, and you’ll get a better and deeper massage. Some of the rollers have a surface with a raised pattern, so you can get acupressure massage.

When used correctly, massage rollers help relieve the tension between the muscles and fascia (the connective membrane, which forms the muscles cases). These unpleasant sensations are usually caused by constantly repeating monotonous movements.

When working with it, you use your weight and can independently adjust the load, taking into account your threshold of pain. For example, if you do not even dare to think about lying with the front surface of the thigh on the massage roller (it is very painful!), you can move the weight on your hands. And when the blood accelerates and it gets a little easier, you will do the exercise, completely shifting the weight on the massed part of the body.

Using such a roller is very effective both before exercising (it accelerates blood circulation and prepares your legs for the workout) and after it (relaxes the tired muscles and prevents lactic acid accumulation).

The basics of using a massage roller

Massage the painful area (roll back and forth) for at least 60 seconds.
Keep it directly on the most painful spot (and do not forget to breathe at the same time!). Once the pain has decreased by 50%, move to the next painful point.
Avoid rolling on the bone.

During the exercise, do not forget that the main goal is to reduce pain, rather than a clear performance of a certain number of repetitions. You need to relax and massage the painful areas until you feel better.

Of course, massage rollers cannot replace a good specialist, so in case of heavy loads, we recommend attending a sports masseur at least a few times a month.

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